There are large groups of men online — they're mostly men — who consider themselves unattractive, and adopt this as their identity, and an embittered perch from which to carp about life.

If you're an unattractive man — or woman — stop the lifestyle that makes you feel and look that way.

Most people can look great if they invest the effort. You aren't going to get taller, and you aren't going to grow a bigger penis. But you can fix almost anything else - lose fat, gain muscle, develop a sense of style, develop self confidence due to the results you have achieved.

None of this is beyond anyone's reach save a handful of really unfortunate people. Chances are that you're not one of those. Chances are that, if you think of yourself as unattractive, it's a result of a lifetime of ugly thoughts leading to disrespect and neglect of yourself and your body.

Now tell me. Who wants a person who chooses a lifetime of these ugly thoughts? Who has the option to invest the effort and improve his self confidence and looks, but avoids doing so in favor of whining about people, insulting them for their choices, and continuing to neglect his body?

Attractiveness is not shallow. You're not being judged for something outside your control. It's not in your genes, you're not "big boned". No one's depriving you of self confidence. No one but yourself dressed you poorly.

Attractiveness is 99% a consequence of mental habits, attitudes, and lifestyle. Most people don't have to be unattractive if they adopt a healthy inner life. So if you are, and you don't have to be, that speaks volumes.