This is to record, for posterity or otherwise, that Mudanzas Mundiales took 82 days to move about 15 boxes of our household items from San José, Costa Rica, to Texas.

We hired them for this move because we previously used them for a move within San Jos̩, and they did a great job then. This time, we hoped it might take 1 week. We were told 2 weeks. But actually, they packed our things September 14 Рand they arrived December 5.

The boxes were not stuck in customs. They arrived in Miami November 20, just before Thanksgiving. From this point to delivery, including customs, took 15 days.

For around 66 days, the boxes were stuck in a warehouse in Costa Rica.

For the first 2 weeks after they packed our things, they didn't even respond to our emails and phone calls. We had to reach out to someone who knows the owners. Only after, they responded.

It still took as long as it did. Their explanation was that they experienced "problems getting a quote", and they had been moving their own offices also.

We are thankful our things arrived. Most seem OK. Jana packed clothes into sealed bags, but these aren't perfect, so there's a smell from weeks in a warehouse. In some clothes, the smell washed out. Others, it didn't. Some of the toys are corroded due to the damp environment. We are happy for the things that are OK.

But overall – Mudanzas Mundiales:
  • Took nearly 3 months to move our stuff.
  • Zero response from the company for weeks, until we contacted owners.
  • Our things were stored in a damp environment for weeks.
  • No customs complications, or other external justification for the delay.
  • No substantial explanation that would excuse the delay.
  • No compensation offered.
  • After collecting USD 2,884, they still made us pay $75 to the US company that made delivery.
  • But the things did arrive. And they appear to be whole, besides some issues.
If you ever need help with an international move out of Costa Rica – perhaps this is helpful. We cannot vouch for any other companies, because we only tried this one. I can imagine it could be worse.