I've had the errant thought for some time that I'd be completely remiss if I never posted about one of my favorite things – which is the breakfast I eat almost every day.

I mean "breakfast" in the sense where technically correct is the best kind of correct: the first meal in the day, so therefore, the first meal I eat after midnight. I ate today's at about 3 am. I work from home, and our kids were home all week as well because of Covid, so that's a schedule I keep to have a few hours in quiet. It's more than Jana gets!

Behold, the first breakfast ingredient:

Kashi Chocolate Crunch. 42g is a good number, being the answer to important questions about life, the universe, and everything.

This is quite sweet and tasty, excellent on its own. Therefore in monastic self-sacrifice, I temper it with this:

Kashi Original, also 42g. This adds texture and a bit more protein, and not much in terms of sweetness. Cover it in this:

Vega pre-packaged, chocolate-flavored protein shake. This exact make and model is important. It is just the right amount (325 mL), and I love the taste.

I previously used Boost, but they are a bit too small and they keep producing different chocolate versions which have completely different stats and all taste different, some of them great and others not so good.

It has to be this drink. Even Vega protein powder tastes very different.

Yum! This is the best.

Follow it up with one or two pieces of Ghirardelli 72% Dark Chocolate...

And a cherry on top: my favorite frozen dessert, Enlightened "Hot Cocoa" frozen yogurt. Beware, it's not lactose-free, so don't have too many if you're like me and you're lactose intolerant.

Total nutrition:









You're welcome. :)