Wokeness in the US is a movement to remove competence as a criterion for economic participation, and replace it completely with inclusivity. For example, it means prohibiting the University of California from using SAT and ACT test results in admissions in any way shape or form, because standardized tests are classist, racist and ableist:

University of California System can't use SAT and ACT tests for admissions, judge rules

This leads to gradual but ongoing destruction of US economic competence through removal of competent people and the "biased" processes that select them, and their replacement with ever so slightly less functional, "inclusivity" choices.

Wokeness is the promotion of the dysfunctional over the functional, in the name of fairness. It is equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity. It is the recognition that not everyone is born an Einstein, and that this is fundamentally unfair because it means not everyone gets a Nobel Prize in Physics. Wokeness is therefore the attempt to get everyone their fair share of Nobel Prizes in Physics. This necessarily involves devaluation of functional behaviors, and elevation of dysfunctional ones, as if they are equal. Along the way, we devalue the Nobel Prize, as well as Physics.

For example, wokeness is the support of protests and riots which are made up of street hoodlums, for the benefit of street hoodlums, while doing everything possible to ignore that the street hoodlums with criminal rap sheets are dysfunctional, and that the people who are being protested against are not.

Wokeness is the discrediting of everything that works in our society, proclaiming that as "white culture", as shown in this graphic. It implies that alternatives to these values should be equally appreciated and accepted. This is from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, via this article: