I saw someone today – ostensibly a non-US person – comment like this:

For the sake of the rest of the planet you should be voting Biden. [...]

I do hope you're not voting based on a single issue, it needs to be the whole picture.

Obviously, I now must dispense my wisdom. 😄

Unfortunately, "the whole picture" is something like this.

Regardless of who wins:

  • Covid will unfold the way it's unfolding. The US has had 7.6 million confirmed cases. That means tens of millions of actual infections. Community spread will continue until it arrives at a natural end. Any attempt to slow it more than is necessary for hospitals to function will delay arrival at the natural end.

    A "natural end" means the super-spreaders will get it and get over it. That's mostly young people who won't suffer much from it. The virus will continue to circulate, people will wear masks but hospitalizations and deaths will return to a previous average without forceful top-down measures. The economy starts to adapt and overcome.

Now. If Biden wins:

  • The US government will resume functioning. (+)

  • We might be better off in terms of women's rights. (+)

  • A bit might be done about climate change, though not much. (?)

  • Invasions of the Middle East will resume. (-)

  • Will appease China, an astonishingly racist and genocidal regime, in full contradiction to liberal values at home. (-)

  • Critical race theory will spread unchecked in government, schools, and business. (-)

  • NSA and CIA encroachment on laws and constitution will resume. (-)

  • He might overdo anti-pandemic measures, delaying its natural end. (-)

  • The US will be restored to an imperial Presidency, where the President is a god-like figure of authority. (-)

If Trump wins:

  • He will continue to avoid significant new wars. (+)

  • He will not appease China. (+)

  • He will continue to reign-in the intelligence community. (+)

  • He will help slow the spread of critical race theory. (+)

  • Won't overdo anti-pandemic measures. (+)

  • Four more years of entertainment with President as a goof. (+)

  • He will continue to sabotage various government functions. (-)

  • There might be significant encroachment on women's rights. (-)

  • The government will not act on climate change. (-)

There's risk of regression on women's rights, but all things considered, Trump seems the better option. 🙂

Biden will give back to the media-military-industrial complex that which they crave, which is foreign invasions. Unless you live in Australia, this should concern you.

The millions of refugees in Europe, the resulting political tension in every EU country, the rise of the European far-right and the exit of Britain from the European Union all stem to US-caused violence in the Middle East. It all stems to the US media-military-industrial complex and the foreign policy that has been run on its behalf by both US parties.

Incidentally, most US voters don't care about that. But the rank and file in the US military does, because they pay for it in lost limbs and coffins. But there are flags on those coffins, so that part is nice.