Wow, this is big. Facebook and Twitter are actively obstructing reporting that could influence the US presidential election. They are going so far as to suspend the accounts of the New York Post and the White House press secretary.

Notice Twitter's policy "prohibiting publishing hacked materials". That sure sounds like a convenient policy that doesn't benefit anyone in particular!

From the Washington Post:

Facebook and Twitter took unusual steps Wednesday to limit readership of an article by the New York Post about alleged emails from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, one of the rare occasions they have sanctioned a traditional media outlet.

The social media giants took that action before verifying the contents of the article, in which President Trump‘s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani and his former top adviser Stephen K. Bannon claimed to have obtained and leaked a trove of private materials from Hunter Biden. The leaked documents suggested at one point he gave a Ukrainian executive the “opportunity” to meet the former vice president. The Biden campaign said his schedule indicated no such meeting took place.

Facebook preemptively limited the spread of the story while sending it to third-party fact-checkers, a decision the company said it has taken on various occasions but is not the standard process. Twitter allowed the story to surge to a No. 3 trending topic in the U.S., although later marked the link as “potentially unsafe” and blocked it. It also temporarily locked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s account, as well as the New York Post’s, adding notices to their tweets saying they violated Twitter’s rules on prohibiting publishing hacked materials. Trump’s campaign account was also temporarily locked.

I'm sure the fact checkers are completely unbiased. No worries.

We seem to be increasingly close to the way China runs things, just with an informal elite that controls your opinions.

China has an entire population convinced that Covid-19 is of US origin, because that's what they can read in their media.

We're taking a leaf from that book. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

The ability of social sites to censor like this must be removed. If they censor content based on "truth", they must be liable for all content they allow. They cannot pretend they're a neutral service in one case, and a truth arbiter in another.