While we struggle with our Covid-19 tests which all have significant proportions of false positives and/or false negatives, China has these brilliant, amazing tests where they test 7.64 million people in 4 days, and have zero false positives. Apparently, they also don't worry about any false negatives, which are normally part of a PCR test low in false positives.

The Chinese bureaucrats who conducted this exercise are absolutely unconcerned with the actual reality of the virus. Instead, they are ensuring the appearance of "no virus". They can do this because Covid-19 is so relatively harmless that its existence in the population cannot be distinguished from the flu, as long as the state media claim there is no Covid-19. All the testing circus goes to support this point and reassure everyone.

This is how they keep their economy open, while their corporate lackeys influence our media so that we tank ours.