There are two ways to think about your locus of control. One is empowering, the other is disempowering. One is to believe your locus of control is inside you: you have both the power and responsibility to decide your outcomes. The other is a victim narrative: it is not you who are at fault; it's other people, it is things that have been "done" to you.

The victim narrative is self short-circuiting. If other people are at fault for my actions which have led to my outcomes, then who's at fault for them acting that way toward me? If we're consistent, the fault for other people's actions must be with still other people. So nothing that happens is actually anyone's responsibility, and nothing can be done about that at all.

American liberals instinctively recognize that this won't do after all, someone must eventually be held responsible for their actions. This ends up being a majority scapegoat. White people, especially white men, must be at fault for everyone else's outcomes. Meanwhile, all minorities, and all women except those whites that vote for Trump, must be victims.

Today's American liberalism is an insane ideology which projects the locus of control outside. To fix problems which it believes are created outside, it must control the outside. Its true nature is therefore fascism: other people's rights must be restricted, their behaviors must be limited, their property must be redistributed, so that the victims of society (who do not have an internal locus of control) can be redressed. This creates a tendency toward a totalitarian state where even opinions are punished: opinions lead to action, and action causes victimization, so opinions must be suppressed.

I'm not joking when I say this is fascism. It is outright totalitarian: there is nothing "liberal" about it.

American conservatism is actually liberal. It contains an element of fascism as well: the attempt to control women's bodies and force them to carry pregnancies to term is not freeing, it is coercive. But in general, American conservatism recognizes an internal locus of control; it recognizes that each person has a responsibility for their outcomes.

True liberalism – taking responsibility for one's outcomes – is the view that works and leads to prosperity and happiness. It is the view that must prevail if we want to avoid descent into a fascist totalitarianism that will call itself "liberal", but can only be persistently dysfunctional, because nothing can function that's based on disowning one's locus of control.