In this recent tweet (image below), Lin shows a rarely understood fearlessness. It seems irrational. If there's such coordination as we're seeing, if it's so brazen and malicious, shouldn't we tremble in fear? 😲 Some people do!

The truth as I understand it is, we each create our own reality. But we externalize our locus of control. We think we're victims of external events which affect us!

We are not victims of such events. We choose them. The choices are made by the inner self, but they're based on emotions and beliefs which are accessible to the externally conscious ego.

Lin is untouchable, in that he creates his own reality. If you fear that he might die, you might experience it. But that is your chosen event. He has his faith, which is impenetrable.

It's key that positive expectations are always stronger than negative ones. If this were not the case, the world would have been destroyed many times over. In fact it has been, and it is – for those with truly unrecoverable doom and gloom.

So always keep in mind a positive outcome, and always know there's a very good chance it might come true. You don't have to dwell on it or tell yourself you believe it. Just allowing it is enough for great things to happen. To dwell on it is to badger the subconscious. No one enjoys it.

If it doesn't come true, don't hold grudges. Your inner self knows much more than you do. There's real truth in "Jesus, take the wheel." But you have to allow "Jesus" to take you to good places. 😄

This is, of course, informed by the Seth Material, for which I've written up a very partial summary / introduction.