I posted previously that American liberalism is fascist, and conservatism is in fact liberal. A conservative wants freedom; a "liberal" wants to punish people who do not follow the liberal diktat.

Along these lines, the same party that spent the past 4-5 years demonizing Trump and those who support him is now sanctimonously announcing "unity and healing". Just as soon as Biden takes command. Pinky promise!

It's just unfortunate how the unity and healing looks remarkably like dehumanizing those who would disagree.

In the Washington Post, owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos:

On Reddit, owned by the New York Newhouse family, not to mention a $150 million investment by China's Tencent:

Folks: if you are in favor of election integrity, you are a rat, a psychopath, an authoritarian, and not a person.

The only kind of "unity and healing" we can have is if the corporate state and its outlets are completely wiped out. This must be a wiping out of power structures, not people. If Biden takes control, the "unity and healing" will be based on mostly ignoring half the population, demonizing us, dehumanizing us, and pretending we're an inconsequential minority.

And if you ever disagree with them, this treatment will be extended to you.