The US is becoming no longer a democracy. It is supposed to be a republic. In fact, it has become a corporatocracy.

In 2014, a study by professors at Princeton and Northwestern looked into how what people want correlates with what politicians do. They found this correlation is low. Meanwhile, there was a strong relationship between what politicians do and what the corporate elites want them to do. They concluded the US is an oligarcy. The people elect politicians, but the politicians serve corporate elites, whose policies are consistently something other than what people want.

Over 50% of the American workforce are employed by 0.4% of businesses. Most of these are C corporations.

So the US corporatocracy controls politicians, and dominates the livelihoods of half the population. Moreover, all major US media and technology is now controlled by a handful of corporations, and these limit what you can see and hear.

The media and tech giants are not somehow run "by the people, for the people". They are run by the elites, for the elites. They have acquired a near-immunity from any obligation to tell truth. The news are legally entertainment, not news.

All of these corporations have a common motivating factor: power and profit. They do not so much care about principles, even less liberty. Corporations are some of the least liberal places to be. Fundamentally, a corporation is a totalitarian environment where governing diktat is handed top-down and obedient compliance is expected. If you disagree with the bosses or the corporate mindset internally or publicly, you are fired, and you may need to reconsider your career.

A corporation is fundamentally run like a communist dictatorship. The only difference is that, to survive in the market, a corporation must meet minimal levels of fitness for purpose which a communist dictatorship doesn't have to meet. But the mindset of corporate elites is extremely close to the mindset of people at the top of a Communist Party. In spirit, the leadership of corporations has more in common with Chinese autocrat Xi Jinping than it has with American principles of individualist freedom. Corporations are inherently stifling – limiting in terms of thought and freedom of speech.

Corporations, by their nature, oppress what is inside them. In this, they have full reign. An employee must always be guessing what the current company mentality is, and they better guess correctly and follow. If they do not, they will at best be passed by for promotions. If they actively go against the mentality, their careers may be forfeit.

Corporations are not satisfied oppressing the inside. They also want to coerce the outside, so the corporation can prosper and grow more powerful comfortably. A corporation works with politicians to shield it from the market, suppress competition, tweak taxes in its favor, privatize profits, socialize losses, and put in place favorable regulations.

The brunt of these costs is pushed on medium and small business. A smaller business, if successful, could grow into a large one and dislodge existing corporations. Or even worse, a large number of small businesses could meet the needs of the market in aggregate, and the role of corporations and the power of their head honchos could be reduced. This is countered with the introduction and maintenance of excessive burdens that primarily affect smaller businesses.

The US has 80,000 pages of income tax law. Not even the IRS knows what it all says. This does not benefit the people. It benefits corporations, who can afford to hire large teams to navigate this maze and find ways to pay low taxes, or completely escape them. Meanwhile, small businesses pay tax because they cannot afford to hire similar teams.

Overwhelmingly, states and countries that reacted harshly to Covid destroyed or forced hardship upon small businesses, while corporations have prospered. This is done to an extent where it no longer seems to be a bug, but on purpose.

The military industry is comprised of corporations. For this industry to make money, there must be an imagined threat to the nation, and the war machine must be exercised in occasional wars. The corporatocracy therefore ensures that there is always a perception of external threat – even when the real threat is from the inside, from these very corporations.

When CNN, Fox and most papers and stations rallied the US for the Iraq invasion; when they downplayed the flimsiness of the pretexts and completely refused to cover million-strong protests against such a war, in the US as well as abroad; this wasn't some accident or mistake. When CNN publishes blatant war propaganda against Trump's withdrawal from Afghanistan; after 19 years of the US achieving nothing in that place; this is not some well-intentioned mistake.

There is in fact a "deep state", and this consists simply of people who are allied with the corporate elite; who think the current status is OK the way it is, perhaps because they benefit from it; or who may in fact even think it's good.

Trump has been the first major disruption of this nice situation in decades. This explains the corporate hate of him, as well as how the people don't hate him, despite the constant onslaught in the media. Trump has been a much better president than portrayed. You may hate him, but absent corporate-sponsored fraud, in 2020, he won some 80 million votes.

Trump won in 2016 in no small part because, for the first time, the internet provided an alternative to the homogenized media narrative. People realize, this narrative always seems to lionize promising politicians, who once in office, always seem to pursue the exact same policies that are not what people want. Trump won because he was able to reach the people directly. This was a wake-up call for the corporatocracy, and its natural reaction was to tighten narrative control. Widespread efforts were launched to control Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, which now toe the corporate line entirely.

Even as the media completely ignored what Trump did well; even as they reported almost entirely on his minor gaffes – of which Biden has more and bigger ones, but those are fine; even as they launched large-scale propaganda about supposed Russian collusion, which turned out to be nothing; this was not enough to brainwash most of the people. It brainwashed some, but the population are not dumb and blind. As in totalitarian countries with media that are entirely state-controlled, people still see through the propaganda, and can viscerally feel and perceive when they're being lied to.

So the people, disgusted by dishonest media, overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the 2020 election. And here, the corporatocracy had to resort to what a Communist Party must do when they can't win. They. Stuffed. Ballot. Boxes.

This is a corporate coup, and it must be overcome. Not only must the proper election result be recognized; but then, the media totalitarianism must also be undone. If this does not happen, then the US is no longer a republic. It is a proto-totalitarianism fast approaching the Chinese style, and further elections under this regime will no longer be relevant. Corporations will begin to encroach all things, all life, and what people think and want for the country will not matter.

When you see claims that things have been "fact checked", that they are "false information", do not underestimate the completely cynical, self-serving bias of the people who say this. They are completely willing to lie to you through their teeth, for as long as you are willing to tolerate it. They are manipulative, cynical and abusive more than you can imagine, and have been gaslighting countries for decades. If you seek truth, you have to seek it out elsewhere.

The Donald is not for the faint of heart, but right now, that's where tomorrow's news is. The Epoch Times is a rare outlet doing actual reporting – not despite their connection to Falun Gong, but because of it. All media that seem prominent – CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Sinclair's "local" TV stations, all Donald Newhouse publications – should be considered trash-worthy. The New York Times and the Washington Post are front and center of the deception. They do not report, they narrate. Reddit, Twitter and Facebook are almost entirely compromised, in a trend that began in 2016. Parler seems to be OK.

Do not forget this prediction from July this year. I screenshot it below.

And watch Trump's speech. As far as I can tell, everything he says is true. There's no exaggeration.