Interesting passage from The Early Sessions: Book 4 of The Seth Material.

In 1965, Seth had this to say about the coming age of computers:

"Seth deplored our ideas on war and peace, which must improve if we are to survive. This led into a discussion about computers, and Bill Gallagher’s personal idea of studying up on them for future use in business. Seth said computers would transform human life. He said Bill’s personal ideas were good ones; the inherent danger with them had to do with the type of salesman’s personality, the feeling of superiority and of having power over others, that might color the use of computers. He told Bill that it would require strict discipline on his part if he worked with computers in such a fashion."

It seems this is coming true in spades. The warning was made personally for Bill Gallagher, but the trouble we are having with Big Tech now appears to be specifically due to a cynical and haughty arrogance. There is a "feeling of superiority and of having power over others", embodied by the people who are running large tech companies. The ubiquitous computers in our pockets lend them an unprecedented opportunity to act on their delusions of grandeur. And this must stop.