We know that the protesters at the Capitol building were invited inside by security. There are multiple video angles of this. Here is one from the outside. Another one showing entry. This is one from the inside – series of tweets: scroll down for the one that says "Here’s the scary moment". There was another, but that one has now been removed in The Purge.

So the protesters were invited in. At least some of them were antifa. We know because: (1) observers reported an antifa bus escorted by the police to DC, (2) diligent folks doxxed some of them, and (3) it's weird for a MAGA protester to sport a hammer-and-sickle tattoo.

So the protesters were invited in, they walked loudly through the building – and Ashli Babbit, a protester and veteran with 4 tours of duty on her record, was murdered by a security guy when she attempted to climb through a hallway window:

Meanwhile, half a year ago, "Black Lives Matter" rioters did this:

That is fine though. That's not terrorism. That's something the media support.

The media tell you, burning down people's livelihoods is OK. That's the way change happens:

However, protesting a massively fraudulent election by occupying a public building for which your taxes pay: not OK.

Your chance to speak about that was at the ballot box. Oh, your vote was switched to Biden? Heh, sucks to be you!

It's gonna happen every future election, too:

The protest at the Capitol was a last resort for people for whom justice was thwarted at the ballot box, in Congress and Senate, and through manipulations in courts – including the highest court in the nation.

And this relatively meek protest now provides a pretext by the treasonous media and tech companies to call peaceful Trump supporters terrorists, and to ban all manner of political dissent.

Here is my woefully incomplete list of what happened just by January 8-10:

  • Twitter permanently suspends @realDonaldTrump
  • Shopify removes all Trump stores from their platform
  • Campaign Monitor suspends Trump's access, cutting off campaign from email list of supporters
  • Stripe will no longer process payments for Trump's campaign website
  • Twitter permanently suspends @SidneyPowell1, @LLinWood, @GenFlynn, @CodeMonkeyZ
  • Twitter bans Ben Garrison (caricaturist!), Ron Watkins, Praying Medic, @thedonalddotwin
  • Twitter says it will permanently suspend accounts that share QAnon content
  • Discord bans 30k-strong The Donald community
  • Apple threatens Parler social app with ban unless they comply with censorship within 24 hours
  • Google removes Parler from Play Store
  • Amazon will shut down Parler servers hosted at Amazon Web Services
  • Other providers including email service and lawyers stop working with Parler on same day
  • YouTube bans the War Room account
  • Facebook removes WalkAway campaign which had over half a million people and hundreds of thousands of testimonial videos and stories. Bans Brandon Straka and every member of his team
  • Reddit bans the last remaining Donald Trump community, /r/donaldtrump
  • Reddit bans head moderator of /r/conspiracy after he/she stickied an "Italygate" thread, replaces with other mods
  • Simon & Schuster cancels Senator Josh Hawley's book deal for objecting to Biden certification
  • FBI arrests Derrick Evans, West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself entering the US Capitol
  • FBI raids homes and offices of Tennessee lawmakers
  • CNN calls for arrest of Tucker Carlson
  • US Congress and Senate call for the purge of any lawmaker who opposed them
  • United Airlines cancels flight of passengers for singing national anthem
  • Delta landed a plane to disembark passengers who had a private conversation supporting Trump
  • Rick Klein, Political Director for ABC News, tweeted that "getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else." (Tweet deleted now)

What are these bans for? What did these people do to deserve this?

Here is Ben Garrison's last tweet:

Here is General Flynn's last tweet:

This is the content you are not allowed to see.

For "your safety". To protect our "sacred democracy".