The mental patients have taken over the world, and now run the asylum.

The people did not vote for this. Who cares about voters? "Fortify" the election, for our good!

An unholy alliance of oligarchs with god complexes. Deep state apparatchiks. Propping up mental patients.

Before, there was an inconspicuous elite. Now, they rule openly.

Before, subtly advancing totalitarianism. Now, subtle as a sledgehammer.

Before, the healthy could speak, but could not make a difference.

Then they made a difference. The internet wasn't locked down! Wrong guy got elected! Bad – white supremacy!

Now, the healthy cannot speak. Only the mentally ill. Every website, news outlet, social network and TV channel.

Everyone who disagrees is a racist and a terrorist. Ban. Cancel. Deplatform. Kill!

Mental illness now rules.

News. Distortion. Fear. Censorship. Editors pushing the lie of the day. Media controlled by a few billionaires.

Lie retracted the next day? It was effective. Does not matter.

Social networks. Fear. Panic. Three day ban! One month ban! Unapproved thought violates terms of use!

What election fraud? The election was fortified! We prevented all court cases and audits! There is no evidence!

(There is, but we will not let you see it! How would a pillow guy have the evidence? C'mon!)

Healthy thought is a crime. Requires punishment! Critical thought is harmful!

A few valiant people still fight. A bunch try to pretend we still have a world to live in.

Mental illness in schools. Teachers scared to teach. Terrified of a virus that kills no one their ages.

Mentally ill people now in charge of public health. First order of business: prohibit pointing out mental illness.

Racist anti-racism. Fascist anti-fascism. Virtue signaling devoid of virtue. Tolerance and love – made of hate.

Everywhere, the opposite of virtue. Manipulation. Lies. Fear. Cowardice.

Celebrities celebrate the totalitarian boot. We're being saved from freedom! Celebrities who disagree? Cannot speak.

A unity of hate. Bow down. Kneel. Submit. Time to heel!

Mentally ill people with masks. Then double masks. As if they help?

Mentally ill people forcing masks on kids.

Mentally ill people preventing children leaving homes.

Muzzled kids. No schools. No social lives. Spates of child suicides.

Fearful people lining up for experimental vaccines. 300-900x deadlier than the flu vaccine. A bunch of other side effects. Might cause waves of deaths from the next common cold. Everyone line up! No liability! No refunds.

Point these things out? Ban ban ban! Twitter. YouTube. Facebook. Nextdoor. Reddit. Only authorized speech!

"Follow the science!" But half the science is silenced. By administrators. Who do not do science – but decide which science is permissible.

Thousands of doctors with degrees? Crackpots. Conspiracy theorists! Take their licenses!

Free speech Gab? Hack it. Harrass it. Ban owner and his family from using Visa. Fire people for having accounts.

Free speech Parler? Apple, Google, Amazon gang together, shut it down in a weekend.

All deaths after positive Covid test? From Covid. Hit by a truck? Covid. Heart attack? Covid. Fell off a ladder? Covid.

Seasonal flu "disappeared". Last season? 65,000 cases. This season? 1,000 cases. Gone, or relabeled?

Hospitals get extra reimbursements for patients diagnosed with Covid. So diagnose!

Hospitals get reimbursements to put uninsured Covid patients on ventilators. Ventilators have 2/3 chance of death. Hospital charges the government $50,000.

George Floyd? Died of Covid. Didn't know? Tested positive. Also positive for fentanyl. Fentanyl suppresses breathing.

Covid tests where soda from a bottle tests positive. PCR tests have 12% false positive rates on people.

Deaths after experimental vaccines? Coincidence. Least tested vaccination in history? All safe. Line up! No liability!

The day Biden is installed, WHO revises Covid diagnosis. No more single test without symptoms. Now two tests and must have symptoms. "Cases" fall precipitously within days. Political goals achieved!

Behind it all: a criminal cabal in government. Looting and selling out the country while we're under medical martial law. Their only loyalties to totalitarians in the East.

Let China corrupt our power grid. Let China corrupt our schools. Let China process our private information.

A climate change treaty that does nothing about the climate. China has no obligations until 2030, and then they can quit. Ensures manufacturing stays in China. Cements infrastructural dependence of the West on manufacturing in the East.

China mass-rapes Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Most oppressive mass surveillance in history. Kill their language. Kill their religion. Bulldoze their cemeteries. 10% of Uyghurs in "reeducation" camps. Makes treatment of Tibet look decent.

Biden says, cultural difference. He will not call it out. That's how they do things in Beijing.

"Biden, do better?" – This is why Biden is in!

Pompeo called it out. Before Biden. Pompeo is now banned from entering China, with other Trump officials.

White man is postmodern scapegoat. Today, they do things to Uyghurs. Maybe soon, they do things to us.

What good is the money you loot – when all you have left is a shit heap in which to use it?

How will the money get you out of shit, when all that is left is shit?

You're building a brave new world – out of shit?

Does your power feel good? When it has no legitimacy?

The citizens voted for you? That's why the barbed wire and soldiers? The big tech that censors? The media who lie?

That's how your YouTube videos have 4x more downvotes than upvotes? And the comments are disabled?

So now you rule. Self-righteously. Over shit.

A pile of shit you created. With your despicable ethics. By forcing your despicable will on people who don't want it.

You strangled freedom with your compulsive need to control. You strangled everything good.

Now we live in a world in which it's not worth existing.

Congratulations! Your ultimate success is merely our ruin as a civilization.

Lucky the thousands who die from experimental vaccines. At least that is fast and painless.

You are burning down Rome, as the mentally ill cheer you on.