Have you noticed Meghan Markle in the news recently? You may have spotted her in memes like these:

CBS paid at least $7 million to Oprah's company for this interview of oppression.

Why are the media investing so much into Meghan Markle? Well – how about this:

Candace recently on Newsmax: "I'm spending a lot of time with a tutor, and I'm taking this very seriously."

If Candace runs, Meghan is the response of the deep-state corporatocracy:

As a woman of "color", she's one of a few who could challenge Candace. Not on her own; but with the full force of the media gaslighting and lying for her, just like they have for Hillary and Biden. Then add some indispensable election fraud, and her victory would be believable (if contentious).

What do you think – is Meghan manipulative and psychologically abusive?

Is she an asset to control Prince Harry? Pay no attention to her choice in style:

A narrative protection shield is already being raised around Meghan. A few days ago, Piers Morgan left "Good Morning Britain" over his criticism of the couple. CNBC reports on this in a way that throws shade on Piers, but not Meghan.