I used to frequent Reddit for years, primarily sections focused on text more so than cat pictures. I contributed – or inflicted upon the world, as you prefer – comments and opinions on a variety of topics.

Reddit always leaned young and left. However, in 2016, with Hillary launching "Correct The Record", larger and larger portions became unwelcoming to a centrist. The "politics" subreddit was first: the moderators were replaced and the subreddit switched to 100% Hillary propaganda. In time, other seemingly neutral subreddits, such as /r/news, followed.

By 2021, everything except leftism seems to be verboten in most parts of Reddit, and conservative enclaves must be wary. In 2020, I was summarily banned from /r/news for a comment which I posted in a different subreddit (/r/inthenews), where I criticized Australia's heavy-handed approach to Covid-19, citing several sources. Immediate bans for wrongthink are now par for the course. In particular, anything skeptical of the trans narrative is curiously prohibited everywhere.

Such experiences caused me to stop visiting the site, except through muscle memory accidents. I once saw a mention that employees who administer Reddit are now disproportionately trans people, but did not seek to confirm it.

Behold, the following uproar took place recently on Reddit. In response, Reddit banned commenters, replaced moderators, and cleansed topics in various subreddits. So here is a nice summary on Patriots.win, where they cannot remove it: πŸ˜„

The new Reddit admin (Aimee Challenor) allegedly:

  • is married to a literal, self-admitted pedophile who writes sex stories about kids (tweet: /files/Pic0994.jpg)
  • hired her father as elections agent after he was charged for holding a 10 year old girl captive in his "torture den" where he electrocuted her while playing out his sadomasochistic fantasies ("subjected the child to a campaign of abuse which included tying her from a beam, whipping her and giving her electric shocks.")
  • started off as just a volunteer moderator for child/teen-focused subreddits before becoming a Reddit employee

Reddit's banning anyone who mentions the new admins name. Many large subreddits are going private in protest of the admins.

It's notable that Aimee was born Ashton Lucas David Challenor, and is transgender.

The fact that Reddit is protecting Aimee suggests that not only is the site indeed dominated by trans people – but it runs interference for pedophile enablers. And in this case, I don't mean "25-year-old who fantasizes about 16-year-olds", but an adult man who kept a 10-year-old girl captive in his torture den, whipping her and giving her electroshocks.

Reddit is owned by Donald Newhouse, a New York media mogul who also owns CondΓ© Nast and Advance Publications, which includes a litany of properties including The New Yorker, Wired, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, and many other propaganda media outlets that sound separate but are all run by this one family. It is notable that all of these outlets seem to have roughly the same editorial policy, which favors the US political establishment.

In 2019, Reddit received $150 million from China's Tencent – a notable connection to China's media freedoms (akhem).

The Patriots thread contains further nuggets like this:

  • blukid:

    [The subreddit "Against Hate Subreddits", which is "peaceful" in the sense of Antifa] sends brigades to communities they disagree with and gets them banned by literally posting child pornography, yet Reddit has never done anything about it.

  • generated_name:

    from the thread clarifying the ban policy, a subreddit mod wrote:

    "Given my interactions with the admin team in the past in reporting pedophilia on the site, where I have been explicitly threatened to stop reporting pedophilia or suffer a suspension, I have to question whether the entire reddit team has an issue with their judgement when it comes to the topic of pedophilia and/or pedophiles."

I've always been wary of Pizzagate and such speculations, but this little bit of evidence supports the hypothesis that pedophiles are more dominant in positions of power than we imagine, and that they may in fact be running the show.

Another thread on Aimee contains this comment which summarizes spicy additional claims.

Also in the comments – this short and fascinating video:

Queer Theory Jeopardy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s8_zUyESlE