This retraction, of course, is like condolences after blowing up a wedding. (Actually, the US pays hush money)

The curious part is how the Washington Post retracted anything at all. Don't they realize, as a mouthpiece of an oligarchic state that rules using mass propaganda, censorship and selective enforcement, they don't have to retract anything?

Don't they realize we live in a country where federal agencies counterfeit evidence; spy on a duly elected President; eventually find a single person to blame, and sentence him to probation? They conduct years-long, $32 million hoax investigations into the President, which find nothing? They avoid investigation of their allies, where there's lots to find? They completely ignore extensive election fraud, in which some agencies likely directly participate? And they do all this to replace the most popular and effective President in decades with a lying, now senile puppet who doesn't have the presence of mind to hold a State of the Union address, but he rubber-stamps executive actions for the State?

US media from "both sides" have appeared in court to argue they have no responsibility to report anything true or factual. Not only are they not "news", they are entertainment. They argue no reasonable person would think otherwise!

It seems WaPo still worries someone might hold them accountable. I wonder who? At least we have that to cheer us!

Major mass media are complicit. Hundreds of sworn affidavits are bogus, but their "anonymous sources" are cool:

I just love Trump's way with words in his response: