Relevant post in December 2020: The US corporatocracy: A proto-totalitarianism

It should be clear to everyone that serious attempts are being made to enter an era of globalist, corporate techno-feudalism. This is feudalism inspired by the Chinese system. How do we know this?

First, the 2020 election was blatantly stolen, in the face of thousands of witnesses and books-worth of material and statistical evidence; and the federal government did nothing about it, because the federal government is who stole it.

Second, the way all serious attempts at investigation are being frustrated.

  • Example 1: Arizona legislature has fought tooth and nail with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to perform a real audit of ballots, in an effort that has been frustrated by every dirty trick imaginable. Finally, a real audit is scheduled to start April 22. The propaganda now is that it's a sham because it's done by people with integrity.

  • Example 2: When governor Kemp in Georgia was giving into pressure and was about to permit a real audit, his daughter's boyfriend was blown up in a "car accident" that looked like a thermite explosion. In the following days, Kemp quickly backtracked the audit.

Third, the way corporate media and big tech reacted to the steal. They're calling it "the big lie" and universally helping to cover it up. Google, Apple and Amazon ganged up the same day to destroy Parler – because Parler provided a free speech platform and free speech means things they don't want to be said. Gab is being attacked from every angle, portrayed as an anti-semitic or even "terrorist" site – when it's simply a site for legal speech. There are entire domains you can't link on Facebook, like the discussion site "Patriots" dot "Win". Censorship and deplatforming affects anyone who mentions election fraud to a significant number of followers.

The same thing is happening to people who try to speak common sense regarding Covid, or criticize the experimental vaccines. I strongly recommend the two articles linked in this last sentence.

Finally, the obscene reactions of corporations to what I can only describe as timid, marginal improvements to voting integrity in Georgia. And this is partly organized by... Lynn de Rothschild?! Who sent "Oxoxo" emails to Hillary Clinton?!

All significant democracies in the world, except many states in the US, require voter ID. It is a common-sense requirement. A vast majority of Americans agree on this, including 69% of black people.

It is complete gaslighting to claim that any significant proportion can't get IDs, since IDs are required at every step for even the most marginal participation in society. The same corporations – banks, airlines – that claim it's racist to require ID for voting, themselves require ID to use their services. I guess these companies must be run on racist business models.

The ceaseless propaganda that voter ID "harms minorities" is 100% corporate-manufactured. After the debacle of the 2020 election, it is clear why. The corporations are running the show, they are counterfeiting elections, and they need every avenue possible to continue doing that, because this lends legitimacy to their diktat.

As far as we can tell, this has been the case for decades. Clinton was an establishment president; George W. Bush was, and Obama couldn't be more so; and Biden is not even a president, but a senile sock puppet who reads and signs whatever the establishment comes up with.

And he does so with great difficulty. When after two months in office, Biden finally had a press conference, it went so badly that corporate media had to cover for him, and roundly announce there should be no more press conferences because it's a waste of the president's time and the media are just embarrassing.

Yes, really.

So, there is no Biden presidency. What we have is an establishment coup, where the perpetrators are major corporations and federal government agencies. The union of corporations and federal government is now complete, in practice if not in formality. To this extent, we are already where China is. Corporate media has been controlled for decades. In addition to that, we now have China-inspired censorship in social media. If they have their way, soon we will have social credit scores and you won't be able to walk around without a vaccine passport. For experimental Covid vaccines that are doing unprecedented harm, where reports about harm are being censored. Vaccines which are not needed for anyone under 65.

Yeah, but so what?

If this coup is a continuation of what was before, just more so – what's wrong with it?

Previously, you followed laws and policies which you may have thought represented voters. The laws actually represented corporations. Now, the laws are just going to outright represent corporations. Where's the difference?

The difference is that any pretense of a safety valve is being removed, and now we have nothing to stop society deteriorating in the same way communism failed. Corporate techno-feudalism is set to fail the same way, because it eliminates the safety principles of (1) an informed, effective, free vote, and (2) market competition.

Contrary to what we expect – corporations, especially multinationals, hate capitalism. These are not little startups that depend on the free market to grow and succeed. These are large multinational operations that have captured their markets. These corporations consider themselves above national law. They routinely engage in regulatory capture, bribe politicians and subvert laws and regulations.

These corporations do not want free markets. They want to maintain dominance.

Communism did not simply fail because top-down central planning lacked processing power compared to a spontaneous, bottom-up, market-based economy. It also failed because, after eliminating market competition and effective voting, there remains nothing to prevent psychopaths and narcissists from dominating all managerial positions.

Without the reality checks of voting and markets, all positions of power become dominated by people who are good at maneuvering in social hierarchies. These people tend not to be good at the subject matter of actual decisions, because good policies and business are not their areas of expertise. Manipulating people is.

As a result, the structures of such a society tend to deterioriate to the point where it is routine for people to start queuing at 4 in the morning, for a bread shipment that arrives at 7.

Corporate leaders are fooled by the seeming success of China. China is no longer communist, it is techno-feudalist. Its actual success is relative: GDP per capita in 2019 was around $10,000, which puts it on par with Costa Rica. This is not a paradise: it is a standard of living on par with slums in the US.

China has achieved its growth by copying and stealing from the US and Europe. This has largely been enabled by our corporate class, who benefited from betraying their countries. By now, China has bought up so much infrastructure in Europe, they almost no longer have to steal, because they own it.

But China was able to steal because the US and Europe were creating something that could be stolen. What happens when techno-feudalism takes over the West; when the safety valves of voting and competition are eliminated?

Progress might not simply stop. Instead, the entire world economy can deteriorate, as leadership positions become dominated by people whose main skill is to climb hierarchies. It is not inconceivable that we may once again end up queuing for bread, or not having bread at all – in events reminiscent of the Holodomor, or China's Great Famine.

And if you are white...

For white people in the US, the prospect is particularly concerning, as the corporate-feudalist state has declared white people its enemies. This is not because white people are the embodiment of bad things, but because we are the embodiment of good things that are obstacles to corporate feudalism. More than any other people in the world, whites in the US are carriers of individualist principles, which are essential to the success of individuals and communities.

To destroy this, government schools are demoralizing whites with absurd propaganda. Teachers are compiling lists of parents who oppose racial indoctrination. FBI and local prosecutors ignore antifa setting fire to federal buildings, but they viciously persecute those who took part in the only large protest to maintain the country's constitutional integrity. Corporate media report on all this with massive and intentional bias: with outright intent to mislead, misinform, and spark racial conflict. Most people do not even know what's true because the media have not reported truth for decades.

The result of this are roving gangs of black folks pulling people from cars and beating them because they're white:

This is what the corporate leaders want. If they can instigate large enough conflicts, they can suspend the constitution and overcome the last obstacles that still exist – individualism, and half the US population owning guns.