Just came across this opinion on the studies that purport to show effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against Covid. It's by Peter Doshi, associate editor at the British Journal of Medicine.

Summary: Even the effectiveness claims are doubtful. They showed the vaccines reduce positive PCR tests. When looking at people with symptoms, rather than people who test positive, the effects of the treatments are underwhelming. And the number of people in the study with symptoms vastly exceed the number of positive PCR tests.

PCR tests are a bureaucratic measure. Who actually cares about tests? In life, we care about outcomes.

And then: Even the claim that PCR positives are reduced is based on throwing away data about hundreds of individuals. These are people who received at least one dose of the treatment but were excluded for reasons that are not explained. The number of excluded people dwarfs the number on which the efficacy estimate is based.

And then: Critical raw data are not made available. They are just... kept safely hidden. Think about that for a bit.

Countries are coercing millions of people into these treatments on the assumption that the studies were sound science and were done in good faith. An unverified, unverifiable assumption.

People who don't know better are being shamed to not be "anti-science", when the full data are not even available to verify. And what's available showed only a reduction in PCR positives. Not anyone's actual outcomes!

All of this, after the inventor of PCR famously railed for decades against Tony Fauci, saying that PCR is not a test, and it should not be used to diagnose anything: