This past year may have dramatically changed your estimates of how much of what's reported in "reputable" mass media is true; and how much of it is even in good faith. My estimates dropped from 50-90% to 1% on both counts. Most of it is untrue, and the reasons aren't happenstance. They're cynical.

This can be a reason to reconsider this 2016 news conference from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, reporting on their multi-year investigation into Obama's birth certificate. It's clearly fraudulent:

Remember how Arpaio began to be attacked on all fronts around the time they started this investigation? There's now an entire Wikipedia page full of accusations against him. Who controls Wikipedia content?

Trump was attacked and maligned for years on end. Matt Gaetz was recently attacked for nothing. Rudy Giuliani has been raided and discredited. January 6 protesters are being demonized. All for what cause? Nothing?

No. For opposing the state.

Now consider:

  • Kevin Clinesmith is facing no jail for falsifying an email which was used to spy on Trump illegally.

  • Eric Swalwell got off scot-free for a multi-year relationship with a Chinese spy, and was re-appointed to the House intelligence committee.

  • Hunter Biden has published a book, is portrayed as an artist, and is being shielded from all consequence for a rainbow of crimes (actually, just cute "mistakes"!) ranging from Burisma bribery, to what sounds like statutory rape of his own niece, to illegal drugs and firearms violations.

  • The Department of Justice is sealing the records of hundreds of violent BLM and antifa rioters, but they are going after grandmas and people who were in DC on January 6, even those who did not step foot in the Capitol.

Do you still think the Obama birth certificate, released by the White House, wasn't a forgery?

I'm now pretty sure Trump was right about most things, and much earlier than I imagined.

I still think he's wrong on the experimental vaccines. Don't take them. They will backfire bigly.

Edit – May 8, 2021: It turns out that Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii health director who approved the release of Obama's birth certificate, died December 11, 2013, as the sole victim in a plane crash. The other eight people were rescued. Apparently, Loretta suffered a cardiac arrhythmia while floating in the water, waiting for rescuers.

It's been publicly known, at least since this congressional hearing in 1975, that the CIA has a gun that fires a nearly undetectable dart, injecting poison which causes death by heart attack. And this was 46 years ago.