I present these tweets with my comments after. Don't miss the one outlined in red:


The woman and her friends are all experiencing typical vaccine side-effects (see the comment by kek_saved_the_world) where the spike protein produced by the vaccine clogs up ACE2 receptors:

[We need ACE2] to CLEAVE Ang II into Ang 1-7.. Ang II raises blood pressure and heart rate. With ACE2 blocked [we are] unable to turn off Ang II [resulting in] high blood pressure causing all kinds of issues.

Because it can't be the vaccine she forced on everyone, the woman thinks it must be stress. She apparently also coerced it onto her recently college-graduated daughter, who did not need this and would be healthy and safe from Covid, sans vax.

Think what you will about her other destructive delusions that come with the package, like She/Her and #BlackLivesMatter. These people live in a clown world where everything is indoctrinated and upside down and nothing needs to make sense.