This is part of a series of posts where I try to summarize the Seth Material.

Seth's central message is that each person creates their own reality. This is not meant in some figurative way, but absolutely literally, down to each individual atom of the universe that you perceive.

When Seth says you, he does not mean the outer ego which we think of as our conscious self. He means the entire self. Seth mentions multiple times we would be better off identifying, not with the self we know, but with our entity.

The universe that you perceive, then, is yours. You create it from moment to moment, at a level of which you're unaware. You do create this universe in cooperation with other people and creatures. In this sense, reality is 100% cooperative. There is constant and instant communication between all who share a particular reality so that each person's version corresponds roughly to others'. There is agreement in terms of this star is over here, this chair is over there. But the chair that you create is your chair; and the bodies of other people are your secondary constructions of their bodies.

Your body is your primary construction, in the sense that you are the creator of your body. You are the authority on what your body is like, and what is going on with it. Other people create versions of your body as a secondary construction: they take cues from you on how your body is, and how it moves, but their construction of your body may differ in details from yours. When you look at another person's body, that's a secondary construction which contains cells that are conscious. Those cells are created by you. But your secondary construction of someone else's body does not contain the consciousness of that person. That consciousness is outside of your physical universe, not reachable in physical terms. Yet you constantly communicate with many such consciousnesses of other people and creatures. That's how you get the information to create the secondary constructions of their bodies, and agree on where objects are placed.

When you are in a room with 3 other people and a cat, there isn't one room. There are five rooms which mostly agree on their contents and the placement of objects, but vary in the smallest details. The room constructed by the cat, in particular, may differ more significantly from the rooms constructed by the people, since the cat is somewhat more rudimentary in its physical constructions. A room constructed by an insect is more rudimentary still.

When people have what we call mental illness, this can actually affect their universe construction. The universes they construct disagree to a significant extent from the universes constructed by others. When people see apparitions, hallucinations that other people don't see, those are actual constructions in their universe. When people disagree on how a certain event happened, this is because there is no single event that happened. Instead, there are multiple versions of the event, constructed by different people and experienced differently.

Most of the apparent physical laws of the universe are illusions. This is to say, they are laws that appear to be immutable given specific limited circumstances, but they don't have an underlying reality. This is in a similar way as Newton's laws of classical physics appear to be immutable, until you learn about the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, and realize that Newton's laws have no fundamental existence. Instead they are just statistical artifacts that appear to be immutable from a specific, limited perspective, which is a common perspective for humans. Yet when you try a different, more unusual perspective – for example, if you examine a very small object, or contemplate extremely high speeds – then Newtonian mechanics completely breaks down, revealing it was never a fundamental fact.

The same is true for laws that we absolutely take for granted, especially laws of conservation and laws of entropy. These apparent laws are merely artifacts which arise from conventions which we follow to create our physical realities. In truth, there is no need for the computer, phone or desk in front of you to be a computer, phone or desk all of the time. Matter is created and recreated from moment to moment, many times per second, in a similar way as a video game draws frames. If you wanted – that is if your inner self wanted, not just the outer ego – then at any time, you could construct the space that currently contains your computer, phone or desk, to instead contain a large pink elephant. Then the second after that, you could construct it to contain the computer, phone or desk again. There is no fundamental reason why you cannot do so, except that it's a central convention of physical reality construction to maintain durable objects.

Matter does not fundamentally deteriorate, either. Fruit rots, a rock cracks and iron rusts, but this is fundamentally a simulation in the same way that when rotting and rusting is shown in a video game, the pixels on the screen do not deteriorate. Instead, the pixels are used to create an appearance of deterioration.

All deterioration in life is therefore, at some level, an artistic choice, in the same way that depiction of deterioration in a video game is an artistic choice. This also applies to your body. It applies to sickness, aging, and to health.


Your body is your primary construction, so you are the ultimate artistic authority on its state. Everyone else, who is creating secondary constructions of your body, is simply taking cues from you.

If you were born with a problem, then that problem is likely yours to keep. If you were born without an arm, then you will probably not grow it. If you were born with Type 1 Diabetes, then most likely you will have to deal with it. These are choices that you made pre-birth, and you made these choices to explore this type of experience.

Anything that "happens to you" after birth, however, is a choice in which you participate. That includes all manner of physical health, injury, disease, or aging.

It is not strictly necessary to ever be sick, except to experience sickness. But the human ego is, by its nature, ignorant of its surroundings, and often obstinate in its convictions. The inner self tries to inform the ego of possible outcomes through mechanisms such as gut feelings and intuitions. When the ego doesn't listen, it can get entangled in unpleasant outcomes. Since the inner self creates the person's physical universe and their body, the inner self has various methods to avoid bad outcomes when the ego doesn't listen. A convenient method involves disease and accidents. If you get sick for seemingly no reason, and this prevents you from going some place that you wanted to go, consider that the disease may have avoided an even less desirable outcome. If you wanted to avoid such a preemptive illness, a good place to start would be to listen to your intuitions, and not rationalize when your intuitions tell you not to go. If your inner self can rely on you to not do something without second-guessing your gut feelings, then you don't need to get sick. But if you're going to cave in to Aunt Emma who is goading you, despite your creepy gut feelings, then your inner self has to make you sick cause otherwise you won't listen.

The undesirable outcomes avoided by such measures can be very serious, including fatal accidents, stabbings, divorces, failure to meet your life partner, and so on. Many accidental things happen to you, day in and day out, to help you stay on a desirable life trajectory. You can make this process easier if you pay attention to your gut feelings.

That is one cause of illness, usually transient. When the danger has passed, the illness can disappear. Another major cause of illness, however, are accepted beliefs which lead to harmful subconscious expectations about your body. You have free will, and free will means you get to realize the vision you have in mind for yourself. This includes a physical vision of your body. Contrary to what you think, your body is not deterministic. Your body does not simply become obese and diabetic against your will. If your body becomes this way, it is because you accepted this outcome, you believe it is inevitable, and it has become part of your self-image to imagine yourself diabetic and obese.

Doctors can make this worse. Ideally, you would go to a doctor with some ailment which you have inevitably created for yourself. The doctor is familiar with this ailment and suggests a course of treatment which you find convincing enough to create a subconscious expectation that you will heal. You then heal, not primarily because of the treatment, but because of the expectation. A good doctor is skilled at suggesting treatments which won't harm you and will convince you to heal.

Now, the more obstinate your decision to create bad outcomes for yourself, the more costly the treatment has to be in order to convince you to be healthy. This includes things like cancer. If you have convinced yourself that you are at a high risk of breast cancer, and you're feeling your breasts every day for lumps, and imagining what's going to happen when you find them, then you are fantasizing about this outcome, and a fantasy attracts its realization. If you are then firmly convinced that, once such a condition arises, it is very serious and requires great sacrifice to overcome, then you may need to make a great sacrifice to overcome it. This may be, for example, a double mastectomy.

Doctors are harmful to the extent that they create mental maps of disease, and railroad you onto those maps as soon as you enter their office. An example of a harmful doctor would be someone whom you visit for a minor ailment, or no ailment at all, and he finds something wrong with you that is inevitably going to result in a very serious outcome. The doctor then convinces you that you must take these drugs, or submit to that procedure, and then your life will not be better, in fact you will experience side effects of the drugs and procedures, but this is the only way to avoid the very serious outcome. If you take the doctor at face value, you are then good for 20 years of being ping-ponged from clinic to clinic, having a bunch of procedures and taking all manner of drugs with side effects, until you realize that the doctors are not helping you, and that the only thing that's left is to step back, assert yourself, and heal yourself.

Healing yourself is something you always have the power to do. In fact, healing yourself is the only way your body will ever heal. A doctor cannot heal, he can only cut, prescribe, inject, and bandage. At best, he can intervene in a way such that you will then heal yourself. Outside of conditions like Type 1 Diabetes, putting drugs into your body does not heal it, it disturbs. Cutting the body with a scalpel does not heal it, it creates a wound. The best thing a doctor can do for you is to convince you there does not need to be anything wrong with you, and that the steps toward health are harmless and simple.

Propaganda of harmful suggestions

There are harmful media campaigns going around which masquerade as trying to help people, but their suggestions are actually harming large numbers of people who don't know better.

It is true that certain conditions create opportunities for breast cancer, but the solution is not to check your breasts and fantasize about breast cancer every day. This type of worry creates as much cancer as the checking prevents.

Excessive worry about salt and cholesterol in food is also destructive. To have a healthy diet, first (1) form a vision of your desired body and make a mental commitment to realize that vision and live it. Then, (2) eat what your body wants, while doing things like exercise and calorie restriction – if necessary – to help reinforce and achieve this vision.

What you should not do is worry that the eggs and bacon in front of you are going to kill you, or that the chocolate is going to make you fat. Such worry itself leads to the undesired effects. If you keep fantasizing about a heart attack whenever you're eating, then this can actually create a heart attack. If you keep fantasizing that your food is going to make you fat, then this can enlarge your waistline instead of your muscles.

If you meditate your whole life how in your old age you're going to be decrepit and senile, then this increases the odds that you're going to be decrepit and senile. On the contrary, if you maintain an honest expectation that you're going to age gracefully; if you perceive no reason why this could not be so; then you can be fit, healthy and youthful way into old age.

You create your own reality, and your body is the most yours thing that you create. Be mindful of your expectations.

Love your body as if it was your husband or wife. Your body is always trying to do its best according to your expectations. Your body can and will pull off miracles. It does so on a daily basis, and that's literally how everyone survives. Miracles are nature unimpeded. As long as you let it, your body will pull off miracles every chance it gets.


If you understand this, you realize that Covid-19 is the worst, most harmful spate of medical fear and propaganda that has ever encompassed the world.

To a large extent, Covid-19 is propaganda by cynical people who know better. It is partly a real virus, but primarily a psychological operation where the virus is blown way out of proportion to its real effects. A fear of Covid is propagated by corrupt corporate media which routinely deny science and suppress scientists, substituting "authorities" for science, and disparaging people for "not following science" if they don't blindly adhere to anti-scientific pronouncements. This whole charade is to keep people locked down and in fear, so they might concede to a formalization of global structures of control that would supersede nation states. These global structures would allow an unelected elite to rule the planet more formally. In this world, you would own nothing, and you would "be happy". (This does not contribute to happiness at all.)

Since the virus itself was likely created on purpose, this makes the whole pandemic a social and political event, more so than medical. Yet, it is ostensibly medical, so it has health implications.

Since your create your own body, the first trap you can fall into is to worry about Covid and how it might affect you. To worry about Covid is to fantasize about a future where you become ill, maybe test positive for Covid, and suffer some of the stereotypical symptoms of Covid. So as you fantasize it, you attract to yourself the possibility that it occurs.

If it does occur, then in the vast majority of all cases, it's not fatal. Many fewer people die actually of Covid, rather than "with" Covid. Almost all people recover, and those that don't recover are very old, or people who have been passively committing suicide for decades, by developing all sorts of morbid conditions – not least of them, obesity.

Death is a choice

Since each person creates their own reality, death can only ever be chosen. When children and infants die, one reason is that they never intended to live a full life to begin with. To enter physical reality, even briefly, is an experience in itself, and some entities legitimately only want to dip their toes, and then get out. In some other existence, they might experience multiple lives more fully.

If you don't want to die, then you will not. The you, of course, is not just your outer ego, but your entire self. If the entire self sees no point in continuing physical existence, then you'll board a plane, and the plane will crash, and you will not get any gut feelings to avoid it. The outer ego would not board the plane if it knew, of course. Other ways of making an early exit include accidents and diseases.

All physical existence ends because ultimately, a person has experienced enough and additional experience is no longer valuable. There are much greater, non-physical realms of experience to which to graduate.

If we follow rationalism and transhumanism, and we're successful in eliminating accidents and diseases, this will create a dreadful situation where the only way to die is suicide or murder. Then the only way to exit physical reality will be for the inner self to create circumstances such that the person goes insane, and offs himself and/or others. Going away through occasional disease is much preferable in comparison. It's easier on the person as well as the people who love them. Death occurs cleary by the wishes of a higher power – the inner self.

If the inner self does not want you to die, then you will not. If it seems an immutable condition is going to kill you, some miracle will occur, to be explained in retrospect as our failure to understand the true nature of underlying conditions.


The bulk of the Seth Material was channeled in the 1960s and 70s. Even then, Seth was critical of vaccines. It is turning out now, he was correct.

Seth warned that even when vaccines appear to be working, and are effective against a specific virus, they lead to long-term harm which exceeds the initial apparent benefits. He said this would be evident to our science, if we use it to observe the effects of vaccines in the long run. He emphasized the harm is not simply because of contaminants that might be part of vaccines, but because the body expects an encounter with a live virus, and is not adapted to the fake immune encounters involving vaccines. The vaccines therefore cause maladaptations which exhibit themselves in the long run. These maladaptations might lead to symptoms such as auto-immune disorders and cancers. Auto-immune disorders, when the body is trained to attack its own tissues as a result of immune encounters involving vaccines. Cancers, when the ability of the body to respond to harmful mutations is compromised.

The Covid-19 vaccines are absolutely harmful, in the short term, and this is apparent to any honest observer. The long-term effects are not yet known.

Fundamentally, vaccination is a mistake, because it means you don't believe you create your own body and that you're the source of your own health. Instead, you believe your health somehow comes from the outside, and you must inject yourself to maintain it. This is simply incorrect and there's generally a price for hanging onto incorrect beliefs.

Yet, there is always a solution. You can always realize that you create your own body. That miracles are nature unimpeded. That your body is not deterministic, that it expresses your expectations, and you can influence your expectations by consciously investigating your beliefs.

In sickness or health, the mind always trumps matter, because the mind creates the matter. Any damage that you might have done to yourself, including with vaccines, is always reversible as long as you realize that you create your own body. You can always fully heal yourself – as long as you allow miracles to happen, and don't subscribe to determinist beliefs.