You may have heard that Blackrock and their allied entities are buying up housing in the US like crazy. They're purchasing entire neighborhoods and paying 1/3 or more over asking price, driving up the cost of housing.

It's worth noting these are the same people who own large pharmaceutical companies and mass media.

The most obvious explanation is that they're preparing for a currency collapse (of their own making). This may well happen in either case. But there's a larger implication that's more sinister:

Consider that with this:

Now for two additional factors:

  • High probability: the USD inflates dramatically due to intentional government money-printing. Homes that sell for $300,000 today then go for $3 million or $30 million. This sets up large "capital gains" for all homeowners.

  • Low-to-middling probability: the "experimental" Covid-19 "vaccines" lead to large waves of deaths in coming years. Widespread inheritance happens. After dramatic USD inflation, most of these inheritances trigger the death tax.

Result: lots of children inherit homes, but due to inflation, have to pay "capital gains" in $ millions. Since for most people, their home is their main asset, the only way to pay is to sell the home. To Blackrock. Who will then kindly rent it to you.

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy."

The plan is worldwide feudalism. To completely kill-off small business and individual asset ownership. The entire world becomes owned and controlled by a vanishingly small elite, who decide whether you are worth keeping around or not.