It should be clear to anyone with a brain right now that the US has been taken over by an unholy coalition of Marxists, corporate globalists, and federal bureaucrats headed by the security state and the intelligence agencies. This is an unholy coalition of people who think it's logical for them to rule you, because the fact that they have power is evidence that they're better than you and they deserve it.

This coalition is attempting to eliminate individualist principles in their last remaining natural reservoir: American white people. You can see the media going on 24/7 telling whites to feel guilty about being white, and decrying those who disagree as racists and white supremacists.

When people do not feel guilty for being white and try to fight for honesty and transparency in elections, they're being labeled as nutjobs, far-right extremists and domestic terrorists:

When I look at AG Merrick Garland here, it sends shivers up my spine as I realize how important it was that he did not become a Supreme Court Justice. I genuinely thought he was cheated. I was far from knowing what I know now.

The full force of the federal government is being brought against hundreds of idealists who languish in a DC prison, held without charge in 24/7 solitary confinement, given 5 minutes to shower. Their crime? The "worst event since 9/11": the infamous insurrection. Meaning: they trespassed in the US Capitol, after they were ushered in by the Capitol Police.

They are being held, not charged, because there isn't anything to charge them with. This offers hope: it suggests the Security State has not so completely taken over the judiciary as to run kangaroo trials, like the Trump impeachments.

All of this seems pretty grim. While senile Resident Biden walks around with flashcards to remind himself to blame Trump for everything, the people who run him are nevertheless quite serious. They have taken over the US government after establishing 100% control of big tech and mass media, organizing a plandemic, scaring and coercing everyone to get injected with harmful experiments, and rigging elections so brazenly as was done before only in banana republics.

Now the US is a banana republic with a joke president, and the people who control him seem to run everything. All of big tech, all major national and international media, and the leaders of the largest corporations are in on it:

These are all people who are opposed to honest and transparent elections – so they can rig them – and they're aligned with this Marxist, globalist movement.

So, how badly are we fucked? Are Americans ever going to win back America? Are we going into a dystopian, totalitarian worldwide regime resembling Aldous Huxley's Brave New World?

My estimate?

Yes, America is going to win itself back, and individualist values will prevail. We will keep freedom of speech, the Second Amendment and equality of opportunity. We will have a country of respect for people of all colors and kinds, rather than shaming whites and straight people. The heads of media and corporations are going to be replaced. The Marxist craze, such as Critical Race Theory, is going to stop – in government, in corporate culture, in schools and in academia. The institutions that do not put an end to this will fail, while new and healthy institutions take their place.

The reason for this is very simple. No one actually wants to experience dystopian, global totalitarianism. Not even the people who are hardest at work to create it. The only people who are going to experience such an outcome are those who 100% believe it is inevitable. Therefore, all you need to do to avoid this is to simply not be one of those so convinced.


The Marxist media are working hard to hide the Arizona audit, and ridicule it to the extent they can't. After having to fight tooth and nail to get it started, Arizona is now completing the most comprehensive and transparent forensic election audit in US history. The Security State knows exactly what the audit will find, which is why their mass media are discrediting it in advance. They caricature it as the work of crazed nutjobs who are doing things "incorrectly" and who knows what crazy stuff they're going to find.

The crazy stuff, of course, is that Trump flat-out won Arizona. Trump won most states in the US. He won with such a margin that they had to stop counting in the middle of the night so they could bring more counterfeit ballots. It is inevitable a thorough audit will show this, as anyone who has a brain and cares to inform themselves already knows.

Delegations from up to 15 other states toured the audit. These are state politicians interested in a similar audit in their states. Once Arizona's results are announced, this will be the strongest impetus to start similar audits in other states. These will start, and their results will be devastating. It will turn out fraud was massive and the real support for Biden might be as little as 1/3 of the country, while 2/3 of voters were cheated. Maybe 40/60, at the most.

The Security State will attempt to stop this, and they are looking at all the ways. The Arizona Senate already had to fight for 6 months, against every possible obstacle you can think of, legal and illegal, before they could secure the ballots and start the audit. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors still haven't turned over routers, citing bogus reasons.

The Deep State was willing to start a global pandemic to overthrow Trump. They didn't just start it, probably engineering the virus, they actively worked to discourage, prevent and ban effective treatments that would have stopped the pandemic. They put people with respiratory issues into nursing homes to kill the frail and drive up deaths.

The Deep State is willing to do a lot. They'll consider all the options. I'm not kidding when I suggest they're willing to blow up a US city with a nuclear bomb, if they were convinced it could achieve their ends. If they stop short of that, they're certainly willing to do some false-flag mass shootings.

Yet in the end...

None of what they try is going to work. They may even fall over themselves with infighting. They are an unholy alliance which to a large extent depends on deceit to hold together. As such, they are not a long-term cohesive group.

The United States is going to be won back, and I believe the latest this happens is by the end of 2022. By that time, election audits in other US states will have started and concluded, with devastating results. The mass media and big tech will continue their propaganda until they realize a turnabout can't be prevented. Then they'll suddenly discover principles and pretend they weren't in on it all along. In 2022 mid-terms, the MAGA movement is going to sweep the US House and Senate, providing the opportunity to impeach Biden and Harris while selecting someone like Trump as Speaker of the House. With Biden and Harris impeached, the Speaker of the House is next in line to become President.

At that point, the MAGA movement will have full control of the federal legislative and executive branch, and much stronger control than now in most states. From this position, it will be possible to purge the corrupt elements of the federal government, corporate leadership, media and big tech. With the experience of the 2020 coup and the Covid scamdemic, the purge will be thorough. The First Amendment will allow Marxists to continue to exist, but they will lose all credibility and access to power. They will not be an influence in the United States henceforth.

Perhaps even sooner?

All of the above assumes that Q was either real and defeated, or was a psyop by the corrupt agencies to make Americans complacent while they carry out the coup.

It may still turn out the Q faction is real and continues to exist. It may be that the Q faction is the only reason Trump is not dead, and the Arizona Senate was able to carry out their election audit despite a mountain of obstacles.

If Q is real, then they may stay hidden while ensuring that events go in a way similar as I outlined above; or they may have a different plan that brings about a favorable outcome, perhaps even faster.

I think we can look forward to a wonderful future for the United States. As the globalists are defeated here, so the repercussions will spread everywhere in the world, with positive outcomes in most countries. Healthy, individualist values will prevail, and the US will become an actual source of inspiration for people across the world. A beacon of liberty by virtue of being a good example; and no longer by overthrowing regimes and invading foreign countries in opposition to good sense and international law – which was all done on behest of the globalists, and for their sole benefit.