I don't think that any time in the past 20 years I suggested anyone to subscribe to an email newsletter. Now I do!

You know Sidney Powell as the lawyer who was widely attacked and discredited in corporate media for spearheading legal efforts against election theft.

Sidney continues to fight – she's still pursuing the election fraud, and also media disinformation. She sends out an email newsletter sharing news about censored topics, including Covid and vaccines. So far, I've found the information in her emails important, informative, and sound.

Just two examples out of 9 articles, linked and neatly summarized in her email today:

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson:
Vaccines, reasons for concern, part 3

QUOTE: This meant that when Pfizer and Moderna said in November 2020 their vaccines were about 95% effective at preventing Covid, what they meant was that the vaccines were 95% effective at peak protection FOR A MATTER OF WEEKS.

Neither the companies nor anyone else had any way of knowing how well the vaccines would work in a year, much less in five years - or 20 years. They simply did not have any long-term data. How could they? The vaccines hadn't even existed until months before, and they used technology that had never been approved for any drug or vaccine.

But the political and media pressure to encourage vaccinations was enormous. Public health experts ignored these potential pitfalls. Instead they decided to press vaccinations as quickly as possible on everyone.

QUOTE: I hope it is clear by now that to know for sure just how quickly the vaccines lose their effectiveness will require very careful AND HONEST statistical analysis of complex data.

Instead of offering that, however, American public health authorities are doubling down on their promise of vaccine effectiveness. They trumpet unverified statistics that appear increasingly implausible in the light of the more granular data coming from Israel and especially Britain (which has excellent data from a national health care system and a commitment to publishing weekly reports that cannot be easily manipulated).

Brian C. Joondeph, MD:
COVID Began Far Earlier Than We Were Told

QUOTE: Europe, French researchers said they found traces of covid-19 in Nov 2019...scientists from National Cancer Institute of Milan and University of Siena found 10% of blood samples from a cancer screening trial contained COVID antibodies... samples included some from Sept 2019.

According to the study, 11.6% of individuals in a lung cancer clinical trial, months before the known COVID outbreak, had already been exposed to the virus. As antibodies take several weeks post infection to develop, it's likely that some individuals had active infections in August 2019, or perhaps much earlier as antibody detection offers a minimum, not maximum, time window post-infection.

Similar findings were described in the U.S. Antibody tests run on American Red Cross blood donations from December 2019 to January 2020 showed just over 1% of blood donations contained COVID-19 antibodies, suggesting that the virus was active in the U.S. in the fall of 2019, perhaps earlier.

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Reiner Fuellmich's evidence page

Reiner Fuellmich has an excellent evidence page going on with information related to Covid-19, masks, lockdown measures, vaccines. Screenshots of a small sample:

You can scroll down to see these, and more, in the section The Scientific Evidence.