In an apparent attempt to test if there are any limits, the gaslighting media are pulling out all the stops:

This is even more egregious and manipulative:

What's the actual situation? On one of rare remaining non-censored forums, a commenter checked public records:

On Twitter, @MahoundParadise dug up the following on Dr. Cobia and her "proud husband":

Covid deaths among the young are between rare and non-existent. According to a Johns Hopkins study, there were no deaths in healthy children:

On the other hand – according to a whistleblower, the CDC may be underreporting over 45,000 after-vaccine deaths:

If these numbers are true, then almost anyone, at any age, is better off getting vitamin D, and maybe supplementing zinc, and resting easy trusting your immune system; than risking long-term effects or even death from the Nazi-shots.

This is what can happen if you trust the Nazi-shot: