From Twitter – a thread by Alec Zeck:

I find Alec's insights very compatible with Seth.

His comparison with our situation is on point. This is humanity experiencing unprecedented psychological abuse. The lesson out of this is to trust yourself.

You create your own reality. You are your own ultimate healer. Any effective healing that seems to come from the outside involves invoking your capacity to heal yourself.

Alec's thread:

Why I will never blindly trust the “experts” and why I see through the manipulation so clearly.

During my adolescence, my mom and I were gaslighted, manipulated and abused by my dad. physically, mentally, and emotionally. While my dad was at rehab and because of the abuse my mom endured, she went to go see a psychiatrist who simply diagnosed her as depressed with genetic mental illness and prescribed her multiple benzodiazepines and SSRIs over a few years. Remember, this doctor was an “expert,” and we believed they knew best. My mom did not question, she just blindly obeyed.

Over the course of the next 10 years, my mom’s symptoms (of unhealed trauma and continuing abuse) worsened. Many ups and downs. In the up moments, we thought “the drugs are working!” In the down moments we thought “oh my God, she needs new drugs!”

When I say “down moments” I mean not leaving her room for weeks, picking her skin, hallucinating and screaming and crying, thinking I was her dad and she was 13 again, in and out of mental hospitals with multiple suicide attempts. It was unbelievably dark, and the “experts” recommended we look into electric shock therapy as well as a long term care facility for her because her mental state was getting so bad.

So not only did I experience tons of abuse from my dad that I hadn’t healed, I was now having to face the reality that I’d never have my old, loving mom back and that I’d either lose my mom to a longterm care facility or that I’d lose her to suicide.

In May of 2016 as a last resort, my mom found Dr. Kelly Brogan, a psychiatrist and supposed “pseudoscientific quack” that didn’t believe in psych meds and believed in an “extreme” holistic approach to health. Dr. Brogan told my mom she wasn’t bipolar or any of these labels, that she needed to stay off the psych drugs and that all she needed was to heal her trauma, change her diet (Whole30/Paleo), do coffee enemas, and become more mindful. Within a 4 month timeframe, my mom was reversing all of her symptoms and was showing sides of her true self I hadn’t seen in 10 years. Remember, she was under the care of “experts” and was almost dead. She adopted the approach of Dr. Brogan, a “pseudoscientific quack,” and began to heal for the first time.

After seeing my mom begin to heal, we tried the same method for my wife Kylee who I’d just married. Kylee had been diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis 9 years prior, was on multiple immunosuppressive drugs 9 years.

After seeing these two real experiences impacting people I love dearly, I began obsessively researching all things allopathic medicine, pharmaceutical industry, natural health, alternative/holistic approaches to health, etc.. I was shocked that my mother and wife were both chronically ill under the care of these supposed “experts” and healed via what these experts refer to as “quackery” and “pseudoscience.” How were the “experts” so misled? Had other people experienced the same things? The more we researched, and the more my family (primarily my mom) began to speak on their experiences, the more we realized just how common they were. And worse, we realized very quickly why experiences similar to ours, but especially with families who had experienced the harmful effects of vaccines, are discredited and mocked, and the people sharing attacked and ostracized. It became very obvious, very fast. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry make money off of perpetual disease and disharmony. People that expose their harms and heal naturally threaten their profits.

And here’s the other part of the story— the part where I experienced deep levels of manipulation and gaslighting: In 2017 when my mom began healing her trauma for the first time, a lot of the stuff she hadn’t healed previously began to surface. It was too hard, too shameful for my dad to deal with, so he moved out, saying my mom “needed to work on herself.” The whole time my dad was gone, he was trying to manipulate my siblings and I to believe that my mom was wrong, that she was crazy and that she wasn’t healthy for us to be around, etc..

My mom knew something was wrong and my dad would tell her she was crazy, and deep within me I knew something was wrong too, but my mom was so emotionally distraught and my dad was so convincing that she was crazy, so I believed him and cut my mom off.

It wasn’t until my mom hired a private investigator and discovered my dad in the airport with a girl 2 years younger than me that I realized he, someone I trusted and looked up to as an authority, was manipulating and gaslighting me to believe the person being abused and gaslighted— my mom— was the wrong one.

It became very clear how he manipulated our perceptions to believe something, even though our lived experiences showed us otherwise. This eventually propelled me to do my own inner healing work and heal all the trauma I was currently experiencing as well as the massive amounts of childhood trauma I experienced throughout my adolescence.

There’s many more details to share, but the point is, I have experienced deep levels of abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting. I have seen how harmful blindly trusting allopathic experts can be. I have seen the power of healing via natural and supposed “pseudoscience” and “quackery.” I can see so crystal-fucking-clear what is happening in the collective right now, because I have experienced it and healed it on the individual level— it is happening right now on the collective level.

The government, the media, the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry are abusing us and manipulating and gaslighting us to deny our own lived experiences to be deathly afraid, believe they are the only ones with the solutions, that we should blindly obey “experts,” and believe that the natural-health minded people drawing attention to the abuse are the ones in the wrong.

The playbook is crystal clear, all that it requires is to stop blindly trusting what others say and to trust in your own judgment, observations, and experiences.

Lastly, to be clear, I love my dad. I know that he is a person who’s never healed any of his own childhood trauma and that he is navigating this life the best he knows how to. I have healed much of what I experienced when I was younger and now know how to be a good husband/dad.