Our (mostly unelected) ruling elites are trying to destroy the economy at the same time as they force twice-annual injections on everyone.

They are printing infinite money and the way it enters the economy is by Blackrock, Vanguard and similar companies buying up real estate all over the US, inflating housing prices. This causes inflation of other prices, destroying the value of people's savings.

At the same time, they are introducing taxation of unrealized capital gains at time of death, effective retroactively.

This means, when people die from disease or effects of the vax – and it's enough for one spouse in a couple to die – their homes will have large unrealized gains on which the estate must now pay tax. Since the value of savings will have been destroyed, and people don't have savings to begin with, most people won't be able to pay the tax without selling the house. The house will be bought by Blackrock or Vanguard and they will rent it back to you in exchange for agreeing to prohibition of firearms. Most likely, being able to rent will also be conditional on having the latest vax.

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy." Well that – except the happy part.

Hospitals are the new ovens

The NIH treatment protocol for Covid-19 strongly discourages early treatment. Outright lies in mass media, lies by social media censors and by government officials are discrediting known, safe, effective early treatments for which there are dozens of studies showing their safety and effectiveness:

The prevention of early treatment maximizes the number of people who need hospitalization. Hospitals then treat patients with Remdesivir, which shuts down kidneys and fills lungs with fluid. Dr. Bryan Ardis:


Remdesivir was not previously approved for anything. The NIH recommendation to use it for Covid-19 was initially based on this 2018 trial of four different medicines in Ebola patients. In this trial, Remdesivir was withdrawn early because it led to too many deaths!

Remdesivir kills people with similar symptoms now associated with "Covid-19". It shuts down the kidneys, causes fluid to accumulate in the body, and this floods the lungs which are already in distress by the time someone is hospitalized.

Congress arranged so that hospitals have full immunity for killing you with Remdesivir, but not for treating you well:

"It appears that the Prep Act had been amended such that private hospitals and entities were covered in their actions taken with c19 patients and relieved of all liability as long as they were prescribing 'Covered Countermeasures'. ie. NIH approved medications."

People are having to sue hospitals to get effective treatment, and by that time, it can be too late.

Furthermore, hospitals will railroad you onto Covid-19 "treatment" even if you don't need it:

  • Have no respiratory symptoms, but test positive for Covid? Go to the Covid ward, get "treated".

  • Test negative for Covid, but have respiratory symptoms: are there any known Covid cases in the city where you live? Then you must have Covid. Go to the Covid ward, actually get Covid there, and get "treated".

This way they collect their $13,000 from Medicare for a Covid-19 diagnosis. In the Covid ward, you actually get Covid, and they try to kill you with Remdesivir. If they intubate you before you die, they collect another $39,000 for intubating.

When you die, FEMA covers up to $9,000 for your funeral, as long as the coroner writes up the death as Covid. So we can read lots of anecdotes saying people died from cancers, etc, but the death certificate says "Covid".

All of this is to force the vaccines, which have no medical rationale whatsoever.

The vaccines are obviously failing in the most highly vaccinated countries including Israel, UK and Iceland. Meanwhile, Sweden is seeing zero Covid deaths for weeks, and countries in Africa that use ivermectin are doing splendidly:

Despite all this information, communist Trudeau contracted for 400 million vaccine doses for 38 million Canadians by 2024. That's 10 injections for every Canadian. Do you think this is in any way related to public health?

Medical genocide for total control

This is a planned attack by globalist elites, mostly on white people in prosperous countries. White people are problematic because we have individualist values, and we would resist a reduction in our standard of living.

Most of the virus was developed in the US. So were the vaccines.

The elite includes people like Fauci, Gates, Soros, the Rockefellers and the Rotschilds. It includes the Roman Catholic Church and the current Pope, the first that's a Jesuit. These people happen to be friends with the CCP.

The CCP is no longer communist, it is feudalist. The globalist elites are aspiring feudalists, so they have more in common with the CCP than with the principles of Western society. They want to remake the West according to the Chinese model.

This involves the removal of white people and their replacement with immigrants that they think will be more easily ruled. The white genocide comes over several years of "lockstep" policy involving repeated waves of disease, lockdowns and "vaccines". At the same time, destabilization of the Middle East is providing replacements which they are importing, and the media are covering for all of it.

The Afghanistan debacle is a footnote to this. Biden's administration left $85 billion in military equipment and weapons. This was not a mistake: it is a gift on purpose. The Taliban are CCP's allies, and the equipment may be going to Iran.

What can one person do?

First, take time to investigate and verify the above is true. You can start here.

Stop reading or watching all mass media. They are owned and controlled by the globalist elite, and are lying to you.

Once you are satisfied the above is true, take a lesson out of the book of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. You do not need to reach a million people. Each one of us only needs to reach a few.

Once growing awareness rises against the plan, the plan will stop. Until the plan stops, it will seem as though it's unfolding relentlessly "unopposed". Keep your faith, and keep informing people, even when everything seems hopeless.

Things are not hopeless. Just because a plan exists, does not mean it has to unfold. This is the plan of a small elite, against nearly everyone in the world. It almost has no possibility of succeeding. It only can if everyone gives up hope.

How can we ever get critical mass?

Critical mass is already building. Did you hear of the truck blockades in Australia? Did you see it in the media? Or on Facebook? There's a reason it's posted on Gab. This is being deleted on other platforms.

Masses of people in London tried to break into the MHRA to stop the forced mass vaccination of children. It's reported in The Guardian and in LBC.

These are the crowds you should be supporting. You should be in them. It's a matter of life and death. It's about fundamental freedom. Instead, the media would have you believe: "Horrible antivaxxers!"

What to do medically?

If you have not taken the jab:

  • Do not, under any condition, take the jab. Get fired over this if you need to. It offers, at best, brief protection which is completely inferior to early treatment. The jab has probably a 1/1,000 chance of killing you in the short term. It has a much more significant chance of causing serious effects. By taking it, you are agreeing to a subscription. The jabs will not end. Trudeau would not have contracted 400 million doses for 38 million Canadians if this should end.

  • Stock up with vitamin D and zinc, and take them daily. If you want, take quercetin in addition. Vitamin D is generally protective against respiratory illness, including Covid. Zinc is what prevents the virus from proliferating in your body, as long as the zinc enters your cells. Medicines including quercetin, HCQ and ivermectin help zinc enter cells more efficiently. If you did not take the jab and you're outside of most risk groups, you do not need HCQ or ivermectin.

I'm not a doctor, or your doctor. However: evidence suggests that doctors who oppose this don't care if you live.

If you took the jab:

Watch this video with Dr. Zelenko. The evidence suggests the jab makes you susceptible to variants of the virus. In this case, Zelenko suggests "aggressive treatment" with safe medicines, such as zinc in combination with HCQ or ivermectin. People who are at risk should start such treatment early – as soon as you have a cough or a runny nose: