We think reality is governed by reason, but it's not. Emotion gives it all of its meaning.

Without emotion, life is a meaningless gray. People who are spending their lives on psychiatric drugs, which end up blotting out emotions, probably understand this better than most. These are drugs prescribed by worthless doctors: people whose idea of health equals to basic function; people who think the meaning of being human is to fit into some structures like a cog. These seem to be "healers" with no healing bone in their body, no clue how to help a person find and overcome an actual cause. They don't even have the vision that it could be done. So here you go: here's your lithium and your SSRIs. Stay on this diet, and you'll fit into your bottle like a cork!

Guess what. Just raising vitamin D levels, in which 90% of everyone is deficient, reduces schizophrenia scores by half:

What percentage of health issues can be fixed in ways that are just as cheap – or completely free – if our "medicine" and "public health" were not completely captured by the pharmaceutical industry? A monster campaign, jump-started 100 years ago by folks like the Rockefellers, which continues to be run by their descendants, for goals unrelated to health?

Emotions are building blocks of life. In times like these, when life is being snuffed out, it is extremely valid to feel.


What motivates us the most is love. None of the other emotions make sense, unless you love something.

The love most of us humans feel is not particularly elevated, but it is love. It's mostly a desire to have pleasant interactions involving specific people. Those who have given up on people enjoy pleasant interactions with pets. Others look forward to sports, paintings, programs, music, books, systems, or equations. The basic pleasant experience is, of course, food.

From Seth on the matter of love:

Some people are naturally solitary. They want to live lone lives, and are content. Most, however, have a need for enduring, close relationships. These provide both a psychic and social framework for personal growth, understanding, and development. It is an easy enough matter to shout to the skies: “I love my fellow men,” when on the other hand you form no strong, enduring relationship with others. It is easy to claim an equal love for all members of the species, but love itself requires an understanding that at your level of activity is based upon intimate experience. You cannot love someone you do not know — not unless you water down the definition of love so much that it becomes meaningless.

To love someone, you must appreciate how that person differs from yourself and from others. You must hold that person in mind so that to some extent love is a kind of meditation — a loving focus upon another individual. Once you experience that kind of love you can translate it into other terms. The love itself spreads out, expands, so that you can then see others in love’s light.

Love is naturally creative and explorative — that is, you want to creatively explore the aspects of the beloved one. Even characteristics that would otherwise appear as faults attain a certain loving significance. They are accepted — seen, and yet they make no difference. Because these are still attributes of the beloved one, even the seeming faults are redeemed. The beloved attains prominence over all others.

The span of a god’s love can perhaps equally hold within its vision the existences of all individuals at one time in an infinite loving glance that beholds each person, seeing each with all his or her peculiar characteristics and tendencies. Such a god’s glance would delight in each person’s difference from each other person. This would not be a blanket love, a soupy porridge of a glance in which individuality melted, but a love based on a full understanding of each individual. The emotion of love brings you closest to an understanding of the nature of All That Is. Love incites dedication, commitment. It specifies. You cannot, therefore, honestly insist that you love humanity and all people equally if you do not love one other person. If you do not love yourself, it is quite difficult to love another.


All fear is of losing what you love. People who lost what they loved are fearless. We say they have nothing left to lose.

The most dangerous animal is one that's afraid and cornered. Fear makes animals and people do things that are worse than what they fear. Truly health-minded campaigns of the past understood this. They minimized panic and fear.

What we're experiencing today is an intentional campaign to maximize fear. This campaign is conducted by a global corporate government with many heads and personas. These heads and personas coordinate, in almost all countries, to maximize the number of people who receive injections. This is done by engendering:

  • Fear of a virus, so that people who fear it might get the injections.

  • Fear of "dangerous", dehumanized people who did not get the injections, so that people might pressure each other to get them. We are being trained to even fear children, and treat them as infested brats.

    Meanwhile, children are extremely resistant to SARS-CoV-2 because they express few ACE2 receptors in their most exposed breathing pathways. The Covid vaccines can only hurt them, and help no one.

  • Fear of losing what we love, from relationships to the ability to make a living, so that even people without medical fears might get the injections.

This, even though the injections are not helping. Cases per million in various countries, by % of people vaccinated:

Here is the vaccine's effectiveness over time, composed to the tune of Edward Grieg. It's highly effective:

There is no reasonable explanation for this, except that the injections are meant to kill most who take them. The short-term deaths are much more numerous than we are told. Long-term, the injections weaken immunity, leading to cancers. They contain parasites, steel microblades and unexplained nanotechnology. They're meant to kill in a variety of ways that can be attributed to other causes, and over a period of time so that the deaths appear separate from the vaccines.

The deaths are meant to induce further fear of some virus that will no doubt be invented. This can then be used to push repeated injections, until a desired population goal is reached.

From Seth on the matter of fear:

That which is feared is feared so strongly and concentrated upon so intensely that it is attracted rather than repelled. The approach should not be fear of war but love of peace; not fear of poor health but concentration upon the enjoyment of good health; not fear of poverty, but concentration upon the unlimited supplies available on your earth.

Desire attracts but fear also attracts. Severe fear is highly dangerous in this respect and in this context.

Fear of any kind, including fear of fear, is destructive. A negative thought gains in power to the extent that you fear it, and you had better underline that whole sentence. A better attitude is “Well, there is a negative thought, let’s get rid of it.”


Witnessing all this, realizing what's happening, can make a person slightly upset.

This video was uploaded September 20, 2019:

Claudia knew what was coming, and was upset.

You and I were not aware, and did not know. If I had seen this in 2019, I would have thought – this is a real antivaxxer! Yet it is very much worth watching now. She has turned out to be right, and we ignored her to our detriment.

Another man who's been mad for a long time is Alex Jones. For twenty years, he has been warning about what's happening today. I highly enjoyed his recent Saturday broadcast, but what you likely want to see is COVIDLAND.

Alex is mad at the people who are doing this to us. I cannot say I'm properly angry at them. They creep me out: Fauci is an unprecedented merchant of evil. We have truly not seen scheming on such a scale in the known history of Earth.

But the people being eliminated, see, are not people with no chance of knowing. They are people who do not want to know. They want to conform, to believe, and to be told what to do. Thus they are told, and they suffer the consequences.

In this sense, the continued existence of Alex Jones is indispensable. You see, there exists a contract that is beyond this world. If you defraud someone in a way they could not possibly foresee, then you owe them. But if you offer them a lethal test they can know about and avoid, and they simply don't want to, then all you owe them is to face a similar test in return.

So my anger is not so much with the people who are administering this test. It is moreso with the people who are failing. It's especially such people whom I personally know. It's people like my family in Slovenia, and others I know there, some of whom I used to call friends. It's the people who don't stand up to the medical apartheid. People who think the protests are unjustified, or that we'd be out of this if we all just complied. People who write posts raging against the unvaccinated, not realizing that this will not stop even if everyone is jabbed today. It will stop when 90% of people die – in particular whites.

I do not spend my days dwelling on these people, but I do think of them, because they are people I knew. And when I think of them, all I can say is: "What worthless pieces of shit." Your entire life boils down to this, to make the correct decision in this moment; and this is what you decide. To poison yourself, to bully the people around you, and kill your children.

What pieces of shit. There are people I know who could easily do the same thing.

One of these is my dad. My entire life, I loved this guy, even as he minimized his relationship with me. This suited me better than the opposite. But he visited his grandkids twice in all 6 years before Covid. And not for lack of traveling the world! Then Covid strikes, and sure enough: he gets the vax, ignores my advice, and thinks I'm being unreasonably upset how governments across the world are forcing poisonous injections on young mothers, fathers, and even their children. Put 2+2 together, and it's clear: this dude would sacrifice our entire family if he thought it adds a few years to his life!

Meanwhile, my lovely narcissist aunt, whose main concern in life is social standing, thinks these are all mainly theories. She's counting on the afterlife, as if the actions we enable here have nothing to do with eternity. "Only time will tell" if the nasty people she supports are actually doing the things which they openly say they are doing:

Yes. Time will tell when all these mortuaries are full.

This test in front of us has a solution, and it's to stand up and say "No." Anyone can do that. You can do it for yourself, and you should do it for others. If you don't stand up and say "No," it becomes that much harder to resist for everyone else.

If everyone stands up, the entire system stops. The people who set it in motion simply lose power. We are the power.

What's Klaus Schwab on his own going to do? Are you afraid of this dude?

For this reason, everyone who stands up, is a hero. And everyone who does not – is a turd.

Here is what Seth has to say about anger:

You do not make others the brunt of your anger; anger is merely a method of communication.

You should first of all admit that the feelings exist as a part of yourself, at the ego level. Whenever you close your feelings off from yourself you are, in your terms, less alive. Then, as far as is possible, communicate those feelings verbally in whatever way you choose. Use anger as a method of communication. Often it will lead to results that you do not think of, and beneficial ones.

Any anger or hostility should also be expressed, however, while not being overly concentrated upon.

Sadness and laughter

Once we have expressed our anger, what remains is to be sad, laugh, and wait.

To be sad, because so many will pass. Their deaths do not mean the end of their existence. But what we could have still experienced with them, we will not. We will miss them – even if they could have never actually been the source of the experiences we wanted. We will mourn them – even if this is what it takes to create a much kinder universe for us.

And we can laugh, because the whole thing is so dumb. People are killing their kids because they're afraid of... nothing! They're smothering each other with masks that are like a wire fence to keep mosquitos out. They're injecting themselves with poisons that are obviously non-adjacent to health. And they cover their ears and go "La la la la la!" if we say it!

They don't want to know what they are doing. They don't want to realize they never really had anything to fear. And as they smother and destroy themselves over this, they try to drag everyone else with them!

If you enjoy Rick & Morty, you have to admit – this is a hardcore episode. 😂

I just hope it ends soon!

And until then – a song: