Excellent documentary by Tim Gielen:


People are slow to wake up because the way the world actually works is directly opposite to what we're told.

  1. Covid is a bioweapon developed in the US and completed in China.
  2. The vaccines are a bioweapon too. US Department of Defense secures truck crashes involving Moderna.
  3. The pandemic is planned and its purpose is to inject everyone with this unknown substance.
  4. Hospitals don't heal, instead they are death camps to drive up pandemic numbers.
  5. Reliance on doctors kills, the only true healer is you.
  6. Germ theory is false, in fact terrain theory is true.
  7. Vaccines were always harmful. They cause SIDS, autism, cancers, auto-immune conditions and so forth.
  8. They do in fact want to microchip us and control us all.
  9. Elections have been rigged for 20 years or more.
  10. Climate change is grift, bad science, and a fake problem where the solution is world government.
  11. 9/11 was planned to consolidate the US Security State and start endless wars.
  12. Wars in the Middle East were grift and a source of refugees for Europe.
  13. They actually are trying to replace white people, and are probably trying to kill us off.
  14. Feminism is not a virtue, in fact it's economic slavery.
  15. Boundless tolerance is not a virtue, in fact it's cultural genocide.
  16. All of it actually is a conspiracy of a small elite led by central bankers who can print infinite money.
  17. They control most governments and large public corporations, including most mass media and big tech.
  18. The Vatican is now controlled by Marxists and the Pope is in on it, too.
  19. The Kennedys were killed by predecessors of the people who are doing this to us.
  20. If you hate Trump, it's caused by media and peer pressure, including hoaxes which are all untrue.
  21. Those most educated are the stupidest because they swallowed all the lies about what's true.

In the words of CIA Director William Casey, circa February 1981:

We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Tim Gielen covers a small part of this, but a very important part: