Everything that comes out of Hollywood recently is blatant propaganda aimed at two goals:

Even knowing this, I was appalled to see the 2017 episode Happy Space Troopers of the Dreamworks/Netflix rip-off series Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.

Our kids love the original Home movie (2015). It is "subtle" propaganda. It normalizes a fatherless "family". It portrays it as normal for a mixed-race child to grow up with a loving and responsible latina mother, while the black father is gone. It portrays technologically superior aliens who take Earth for themselves and relocate people to "Happy Humanstown", a giant concentration camp in Australia. (Hmm.) The aliens are adorable clueless buffoons who are just running from danger. It turns out it's all a big misunderstanding. When the misunderstanding is fixed, then so is the danger, and the humans and the aliens accept each other. They become enriched with mutual diversity, live happily together and party.

So, you see, if an external force invades your planet and Australia becomes a concentration camp, this is all just a big misunderstanding. Sit back, do what you're told, and wait it out! Then we can be happy, enriched, and party!

This is part of a decades-long strategy to train humanity to be wimps. If you don't yet see how this is so that the New World Order can fuck us, you probably already got two vaccines and eagerly await the boosters. Fuck me harder, daddy!

"Happy Space Troopers"

If the original Home wasn't bad enough – which is not to say it's not fun! – then this rip-off episode is on steroids. Summary:

  • Pom Pom is an unlikeable, fat blonde white girl who leads a female "adventure troop".

  • Pom Pom's group are mostly skinny, non-white girls who act subservient to Pom Pom like slaves, while Pom Pom narcisistically commands them. They literally carry her largesse on their buckling, skinny backs.

  • Pom Pom and the girls raise money for the troop by selling brownies door-to-door. People like the brownies.

  • The whole thing evokes American suburban cheerleaders. In real life, these are cute, athletic, mostly white, and raise money door-to-door selling flowers or cookies. Pom Pom caricatures this by being awful, narcissistic, and fat.

  • Tip (Gratuity Tucci, human protagonist) and Oh (alien protagonist and Tip's best friend) attempt to join Pom Pom's brigade, but are rejected. (Evil, exclusionary white supremacy, carried on the backs of subservient non-whites)

  • Tip and Oh form their own troop, which is "all-inclusive". (Diversity is our strength, the more diverse the better)

  • They decide to compete with Pom Pom, by selling something people will like more than brownies. Oh invents a flavor gel which comes in a tube and tastes amazing. (Industrial product is superior to traditional homemade)

  • The flavor gel is a great success. The whole town loves it and no one is buying Pom Pom's brownies.

  • Pom Pom tries the flavor gel and discovers it's amazing. She spies on Oh to find out how he makes it. It turns out he uses a secret ingredient that's awful and disgusting. (Industrial products include all sorts of shit, and this is fine!)

  • Pom Pom threatens to blow the whistle and tell the town about the awful stuff in the gel. Pom Pom is on a stage in the town square with a microphone and speakers. (She has a platform and is reaching people)

  • Tip arrives just in time to disconnect the speakers when Pom Pom starts to disclose the secret. ("Your account has been banned for misinformation")

  • Oh takes the stage with a megaphone. He crowds out Pom Pom. ("Learn about how Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective for most people")

  • Oh points to someone eating a hot dog. He says, isn't the hot dog delicious? Yet it has hundreds of ingredients. To enjoy the hot dog, you don't need to worry about what's in it. ("Follow the science" – but don't actually check it!)

  • Oh says their all-inclusive troop has sold so much flavor gel, everyone can go on a happy space trip. He invites Pom Pom's troop to join them. ("Don't be a conspiracy theorist!")

  • The girls in Pom Pom's troop cheer in excitement. They all join Tip and Oh.

  • Everyone goes on the happy space trip. Everyone except Pom Pom, who sits behind, alone and sulking.

This was released in August 2017. It's blatant propaganda to accept an artificial substance without questioning.

You're going to have a happy space trip!