Here is a typical take on the Rittenhouse trial, by people who actually paid attention.

Not all of this is correct, but it's substantially right. Kyle is as innocent as they come – for someone who shot three people.

Rittenhouse conducted himself miraculously in a way that was aggressive, well-intentioned, dangerous – yet he never overstepped. He cleaned up graffiti, he put out fires, he tried to render medical assistance. He legally carried a firearm for self-defense. He was attacked by a bunch of criminals and misfits, and they ended up getting what they asked for.

What did the media do? They lied. YouTube censored several independent legal experts who streamed and commented on the trial. The corporate media streams remained available. These then strategically did not air parts of the defense.

Here's Kyle in the moment he was found not guilty:

If this doesn't tug at your heart, I don't know what will.

The rioters were almost certainly bribed by psychopathic, James Bond-villainesque white-collar criminals who are way more corrupt than anyone near Kenosha. These are currently murdering millions, and still need to get what's coming. Kenosha is a small part in their attempt to completely enslave humanity, and get rid of most people in the process.

One of these perpetrators is ex-President Obama. A man with a fake birth certificate, one of whose main contributions was signing the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. This legalized government propaganda against Americans:

This fine piece of legislature makes it legal for the US government to put on shows and lie to Americans for any reason, as long as it's for national security. "National security," of course, means whatever they want.

"Lying for national security" could mean, for example, this:

These are complete, outright lies and agitation. Guess what happened on the same day as Kyle was found not guilty?

To an impartial observer, these are color-blind legal verdicts. Yet to MSNBC, the Rittenhouse decision is "appalling white supremacy." They hate white people and want to genocide us not just culturally, but quite actually. With injections.

This rhetoric has consequences. 50 miles from Kenosha, this happened today:

This is not accidental. The driver quite literally plows through people, steps on the gas, and drives over bodies.

The above video is now deleted on Twitter. You can watch it here. Here are more, more and more.

The rampage went on for at least 8 intersections:

They are now reporting 6 dead and 62 injured.

Because of our "systemic racist" justice system, the main suspect is a violent offender who had just recently been released on a $1,000 bond. Meanwhile, Kyle's bond was $2,000,000, and had to be paid by a group of benefactors.

Fortunately, folks archived Darrell's songs before YouTube deleted his channel. As of right now, you can still hear him rap about how he hates Trump on Soundcloud.

How do CNN or NBC spin this? It's a "parade crash":

The people in these tweets "report" for New York Times, MSNBC, and CBS:

They're even lightening his skin color:

Looks like a white person to me!

This is a screenshot of the MSNBC front page, November 24 early morning. Every headline oozes white people hate:

Are CNN and MSNBC going to get sued into the ground for outright lying? For very likely inciting these deaths?

I might sure hope so. But will it matter?

The same media and governments that are lying about "white supremacy" are also lying brazenly about Covid; about "unsafe" treatments for Covid; and about "safe and effective" vaccines. The lies are so egregious, they're comical:

The world is being destroyed so as to remake it from the ashes. And by "the world" they mean you and your life.

The people who are destroying the world are people who can print infinite money. They can "pay" any damages!

It's not enough to sue the media. The elites need to be stopped.

Protests all over the world are saying "please stop":

Video compilation of massive worldwide anti-tyranny protests, November 20 and 21:

The "news" scarcely shows this. If they do, they claim the protests are against climate change!

Is just saying please stop going to work? Are they going to listen to protests?

In the words of Br. Alexis Bugnolo – it seems unlikely:

Meanwhile – twice-vaccinated people in England, of ages under 60, now have twice the all-cause death rate as unvaccinated of same age:

Expect this to climb much higher, because this is the purpose of the vaccines.

If it seems these are just stats – watch Australian whistleblowers tell us harrowing stories:

Do you like sports? There's been an over 60-times increase in adverse events since the vaccine rollouts:

If you know someone who's finally waking up, a great place to start is the Off-Guardian's excellent piece:

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid cribsheet

In Australia's Northern Territory, they are now using military personnel and army trucks to transport "close contacts" of Covid cases to concentration centers. Hear it from Chief Minister Michael Gunner. They have transported 38 so far:

We can speculate they're being taken to nice places with electrified fences, such as this one:

What prevents you from being identified as a Covid "close contact"?