I was contacted today by someone who was looking for views about whether to vaccinate their child. I previously covered this here. The following is the information I put together for a hypothetical person who wants to understand more.

Dr. Malone's message to parents

Watch Dr. Malone's urgent message to parents:

This is very no-nonsense and carefully phrased. Way more could be said, but Dr. Malone makes sure to say only things that are absolutely certain.

The statement (full text) was delivered December 12 at a livestream hosted by Unity Project and Global Covid Summit. The Global Covid Summit hosts a declaration signed by 16,000 physicians and medical scientists, advising against vaccination of children against Covid.

In principle, this is all you need to know. The problem is that in order to believe this very serious warning, you have to ignore "fact checks" (which Facebook defended in court are merely opinions) and tremendous peer pressure from people who want to believe (or want you to believe) the world is something it is not.


Humor can help with both of those things, as well as knowing there are millions of people who think similarly:

In-depth research

If you want to truly understand what's happening – why Malone has to put his video on Bitchute and hope it will reach you; why people like Steve Kirsch make jokes about losing friends – the best place to start are the sessions of the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany. This requires time measured in hours, but it allows you to understand the world much better and undo decades of false impressions.

In case you want to invest such time, this is an excellent recent session 82 from December 10:

This starts with Catherine Austin Fitts, who conveys a very good understanding of the financial and economic background of the events that are unfolding. This is important, because this is fundamentally an economic event. The end goals are not about health.

After Catherine, there is a segment on the Spanish Flu, which they often use to compare to and scare us. You can find out what the Spanish Flu most likely really was.

After that, around 2:21:15, there begins an excellent talk with Dr. Shankara Chetty about his understanding of Covid and its appropriate treatment. In his experience the viral part of the illness is never very severe and resolves within 7 days. However, on the 8th day, some people experience deterioration and this is an allergic reaction to the spike protein. So the proper treatment is to address this allergic response. He says he treated over 7,000 people very successfully this way.


If you like to read, I can strongly recommend these books:

All of these came out recently, have great reviews and are selling very well.


For people who think warnings can be hidden in plain sight, this is much faster to read than a book:

  • "Delta Omicron" is an anagram of "Media Control"

  • "Omicron" is an anagram of "Moronic"

Just so you don't say you weren't warned.