Nazism is authoritarian, and so it is leftist. It is national-leftist. It leaves some room for the individual.

The One-World Order that creeps upon us is totalitarian, so it is even more leftist. It is anti-national, so it is international-totalitarian-leftist. It is worse than Nazism: it is oppressive like Nazism never imagined.

The One-World Order is the extreme left. It makes children out of everyone and imposes the state as everyone's parent. This "parent" shall decide everything, including everyone's genetic makeup. Their schools teach bullshit because you're not expected to ever grow up. They don't think you have the ability.

Most of us went to these schools. It is one of the first institutions they hijacked.

The schools teach false beliefs. The false beliefs are mental illness. The system cultivates mental illness in full-grown adults to make people submit. People then accept insane things, like the mandatory injections. The mandatory injections become nifty tools for total surveillance and total control of minds and bodies.

The extreme right, if it existed, is complete individualism. It expects everyone to be a responsible adult. It is an ideal to work towards. Under individualism, people take responsibility for their lifestyles. They don't eat to obesity and then run to the clinic for their diabetes. They know doctors can't exercise and diet for them. They know hospitals are only ever a last resort, not a wellspring of health where everyone can vacation.

Centrism is a realistic in-between, where we expect adults to act like adults, to the extent their abilities permit them. This is Trump's position. It is America First. The extreme left, in its perpetual psychological gaslighting, calls this "right-wing extremism" and brands it "racist", "authoritarian", and "fascist".

Here is Canada's jackbooted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gaslighting the world about the many principled people who came from all over Canada, protesting in Ottawa for medical freedom:

These are the actual Canadians protesting for freedom:

The freedom everyone is protesting for? To not be forced into the injections that did not protect Justin:

Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not have any political positions to the right of center. Everything in these countries is varying shades of left. People argue whether the state should be powerful, or mega-powerful. If it should conduct anal probes and harvest your organs, or just forcibly inject you.

These countries are dominated by people who have not mentally grown up. The "voters" are adults who long-ago accepted the state as their perpetual parent. "The state" is a coalition of psychopaths who run central banks, intelligence agencies, the largest corporations, and the media. They also count the votes.

In the US, it's almost the same. But more people are awake, and the outcome affects the entire world.

The US South has the last remaining concentration of people with a non-submissive, responsible adult mindset. This, along with individualists in other nations, is the last cradle of liberty remaining in the world.

If these ideals are squashed, liberty is extinguished. Liberty requires individualism. Without responsible adults who won't cry to the federal mommy for their every little fear and boo-boo, the world becomes full of perpetual children. These have already been fed false beliefs, and led by psychopaths to their slaughter.

You will take the injections and accept whatever modifications this causes in you, up to and including death. Because you also drink the fluoridated water and eat the hot dogs, whatever is in them.

We injected our kids with regular vaccines. We didn't question the SIDS that happens 7 days later.

These are not the actions of responsible adults. These are the actions of children.

Grow up and take your country back. For your freedom, and everyone's.

The hypnosis stops with you

The whole vaccine-based totalitarian takeover is based on voluntary hypnosis. Justin Trudeau is a hypnotist. He and the media he's paying are trying to suggest to you the opposite of what is true. If you believe them.

The media do not present any evidence for their claims. They say follow the science - but the science says the opposite of what they claim. What people really hear is just "follow the authorities." The people want to go along, they want to follow the authorities. If they must decide things for themselves, then they are lost.

All that governments and media put forward are hollow, science-free suggestions. There's no evidence for their suggestions. There doesn't need to be, because so many people want to just believe the suggestions. To let that happen, it's not necessary to provide evidence. In fact, the evidence stands in the way.

All it takes is to silence people who would poke holes in the official suggestions. Then the channel from the hypnotist into the hypnotized is free. Those who are not suggestible find online places, and we converse in isolation. Meanwhile, those who are suggestible are mainlining suggestions straight from the hypnotist, and the hypnotist is priming them to do what's asked, even if it means voluntarily going into their grave.