In case anyone is checking to see if I have some new keen insights... 😃 Yes, I have sophisticated, rarefied, totally amazing insights into the events in Ukraine – and no, I'm not sharing. 😁 At least, not right now.

Seth taught me about the incredible importance of expectation. I've found that most people can't peer into the abyss, and understand what's in there, without their expectations becoming extremely grim.

If you fear the end of the world is inevitable, it increases the odds that you might experience such a thing. Our inner selves are always trying to rescue us from our bullshit, but if one becomes completely committed to an end-of-world expectation, this increases the odds that this is what one is going to encounter.

These expectations cannot be prevented by a preamble. It's like telling someone, "I'm going to lean you all the way out of an airplane. Be sure to avoid vertigo!" This is just not a place where you get without practice. If you're prone to vertigo, there's nothing someone can say in a sentence for the vertigo to not be there.

Conversely, if you expect good things – aaah! Covid is finally done! And hopefully this Ukraine crisis is going to blow over! – then this much increases the odds that a nicer reality is going to be constructed.

I suggest staying neutral about Ukraine. Keep an open mind. They are trying to fuck us over in the same ways they did with the fear of a virus. They're trying to goad you into doing something stupid. They want people to sign their own death warrants. They do this by provoking unhinged emotions, unanchored in fact.

You avoid the trap by not biting. Suffice it to say that the narrative perpetuated by corporate media, doubly enforced by the corporate censorship, is extremely stupid, and is equally as good for you as the vaccines.

If it seems Ukraine is a departure from Covid, turning of another page – it isn't. In one way, it's a distraction from devastating news that's been leaking out about the harm of the vaccines. But it's not just a distraction. It figures into the vaccine story in a much bigger way which I hope will become clear quite soon.

I'm placing my bets on that I can either comment later, from the luxury of hindsight – or that one day soon, the truth might start gushing from every nook and cranny, so hopefully I don't need to comment at all. 😀