You may know Luc Montagnier as a Nobel Prize recipient for his role in isolating HIV. (I'm not saying "virus", because I don't think that's what it is.)

You may also remember him for his warnings about Covid vaccines: the stupidity of vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic; and how the vaccinated are driving the creation of new variants.

What you might not know is that Luc Montagnier was deeply involved in continuing the work of Jacques Benveniste, who was previously attacked for his successful experiments with water memory.

This documentary was linked to me before – I did not think it was relevant. I finally watched it.

Oh, boy.

Please, take these 45 minutes:

The striking part of the video is:

  • An HIV sample is diluted in distilled water.

  • The distilled water containing the HIV sample is further diluted in a process resembling homeopathy.

  • In each step, they take 1/10 part of the vial, put it into the next vial, and dilute with 9 parts of water.

  • This is repeated 10 times. The final vials are expected to contain no part of the original HIV.

  • Equipment similar to a microphone is used to record electromagnetic waves emanating from each of the resulting vials.

  • The process is sensitive to electromagnetic interference, so the area must be cleared of powerful emitting devices, for example mobile phones. Some EM noise, such as from a laptop, is OK.

  • The measurements show a clear frequency pattern for vials 6 and 7, that is after 6 or 7 dilutions.

  • The frequency recordings for these vials are then sent over the internet, to a lab 1,500 km away. This is like sending a song in a WAV file. They actually used a WAV extension in the film.

  • The receiving lab inserts a vial of distilled water inside a coiled wire. The coiled wire is enclosed in a metal casing – a Faraday cage to protect from outside interference. The coil connects to a computer.

  • The computer plays the WAV file to the water sample. The recording is played on repeat for 1 hour.

  • The water sample is then taken out of the coil and subjected to PCR – the process invented by Kary Mullis which has been widely used to drive the Covid pandemic, as well as the AIDS narrative.

  • PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It involves (1) mixing a sample with amino acids, the building blocks of DNA, and (2) adding polymerase.

  • The polymerase organizes the amino acids into duplicates of DNA present in the sample.

  • Applying PCR to the frequency-treated water vial creates results consistent with HIV.

In summary:

After exposing water to frequencies associated with HIV, the water tests positive for HIV by PCR.

A hypothesis on how this could be possible is explained:

  • At a quantum level, everything is a wave.

  • Therefore, there isn't a fundamental difference between matter and waves.

  • Water contains coherent domains: small units of water which exclude other matter.

  • These coherent domains, which are parts of water, can store frequency patterns.

  • Frequency patterns which correspond to DNA can therefore be read from water.

  • The same frequency patterns can be written into water via electromagnetic waves.

  • Polymerase can organize amino acids according to frequency patterns in water.

What this means for Covid is:

  • The water in your body is like the water in a vial.

  • A mobile phone, smart TV, or a mobile phone tower, can act as an emitter.

  • Exposing you to appropriate frequencies can cause you to test positive on a PCR test.

The video also explains how this has been discredited in a fraudulent process involving James Randi.

This suggests Bill Gates & friends know this works, and are using it. What they don't want you to know is:

  • They can expose you to frequencies which can cause you to test positive for a "virus."

  • If you knew this, you could also expose yourself to frequencies which could cure illness.

There exist alternate medicine techniques, such as bioresonance, which can cure you of chronic conditions where "modern medicine" claims to be helpless. (Because they actually cause them, entirely on purpose.)