This pandemic is often truly funny if you have some understanding of the nature of life, the universe and everything. I believe I have some of this. Or perhaps I only think I do, but not really. In practice – as long as I continue to get lucky, it amounts to the same thing. 😁

As you know:

  • It's primarily the white and prosperous countries that got the most vaccinated. The whole of Africa got few vaccines. They are not suffering from Covid.

  • It's primarily the white and prosperous countries that suffered the large waves of deaths following the vaccines.

  • It's primarily the white and prosperous countries which are experiencing mysterious ill health because of the vaccines.

  • It's primarily the white and prosperous countries which are now going to diiiiieeeee... but not before they try to drag us into wars and famines to try to distract us from this.

Of course it had to be that way. They no longer need people. They don't think we have intrinsic value. We must earn it. And right now, Earth is an expensive zoo for 8 billion people who are, as they see it, obsolete.

Especially white people are obsolete. They made sure that we would be, by exporting the production of everything of value to other countries, first Japan and then China, over the course of 50 years.

Look around your home and try to find something made in a – current or former – white country. Few things are more than just "Assembled in USA." The supply chains are gone. You can't even build things if you try!

White people are the least controllable, and so we have to be the first to go. They'll get to the others too; no worries! It's just that – as you can see from the videos coming out of Shanghai – exterminating people who allow themselves to be welded into apartments is much easier than those who internalize individualist values and make a point of treasuring guns.

So the white people have to go first. It's nothing personal.

But how do you exterminate whites, if you have to do it through conspirators who are also white? CEOs; editors; politicians; chiefs of police, medical boards, and every other kind of Freemason you can think of?

You trick them!

You tell them this:

  • Yes, the pandemic is mostly fake. This is obvious.

  • Yes, the vaccine is imperfect. It may kill some.

  • But! Everyone who survives will be saved from the "next pandemic". And that is going to be nasty!

So the idea for conspirators was that on this map, we're going to wipe out everyone in red or orange:

The people in Nigeria, with more than 5 births per woman, will not get the vaccines, and the "next pandemic" will take care of them. Everyone cheers!

Except – that's not what we're actually doing. What we're actually doing is wiping out everyone in green.

Using the vaccines.

Why? Because you can't make a virus that actually spreads and kills a huge fraction of people.

It is not possible. It has not occurred. It did not happen with the Spanish Flu. That was not a flu. It had symptoms nothing like a flu, affected healthy twenty-somethings, which is unlike a flu, and it did not spread. It was cover-up for mass vaccine deaths, following war-time vaccinations of primarily young people.

Smallpox is a bugaboo which they keep in a lab, so that an actual encounter won't spoil the fear. Smallpox is a condition of filth, and doesn't spread with today's hygiene. When it did spread, the vaccines made it worse. It stopped spreading when protests ended vaccinations, in favor of a Leicester model based on hygiene.

Ebola or Marburg might not even be viruses. They're some poison or pathogen that cannot spread.

Any effects that look like a fast-spreading, deadly virus can only be mass poisoning.

A truly deadly viral pandemic is not possible. But a time-delayed poisoning through injections – is.

Covid follows the same template as AIDS. The false-positive PCR tests, at 40+ cycles, that do not even detect a virus. The hocus-pocus nature of the virus. The lethal treatments. The payload in the vaccines.

This hoax was perpetrated by Freemasons and others on the public. But first, it was perpetrated on the Freemason doofuses who go to the lodges and think they can conspire, and not be conspired against.

Why do I say this? Karma. But also:

Reason #1

This is a typical vaccine death. We used to have Sudden Infant Death (which was "rare"), now we have Sudden Adult Death (which is frequent). Both are basically due to vaccines – we know no other causes.

We can't even say the previous vaccines were less short-term lethal. US infant mortality is 5.6 per 1,000. A major contributor are the "safe and effective" vaccines, given by default to most newborns.

In any case:

  • A state president of the Australian Medical Association is almost certainly in on something.

  • She almost certainly did not expect her only child to die like this.

  • This is a typical vaccine death – and almost everyone in Australia is vaccinated.

Reason #2

A bunch of side effects and deaths in high-profile individuals. For example:

Neurological effects are the most common issues from these vaccines, affecting 4-5% of recipients.

Why would such high-profile people get the real vaccine, unless they believe it protects from something? Yet, their complicity is needed to sustain the pandemic, so they can't think this "something" is Covid.

Reason #3

The Chinese are doing a zero-Covid policy which no one understands. Even the people who carry it out are just saying "them be the orders." This, when the dominant variant is Omicron, which resembles a cold.

The Chinese policies are causing immense economic damage and are risking the lives of millions by suicide and hunger. These policies genuinely make sense if the Chinese were told, and believe, the story with which the Freemasons were hoodwinked.

They are not afraid of Covid. They think a hemorrhagic fever is about to start, and may kill most of China if it's not stopped using extreme measures.

Notably, China did not start the Shanghai lockdown in January, when Omicron was going around; but in late March, after Russia presented evidence to the UN Security Council (and presumably, also directly to China) regarding activities in the US biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia was unable to get significant evidence directly from the biolabs because the opponents destroyed them as soon as Russia invaded. Russia and China may speculate that lethal technologies could be used virally, when they were actually developed for injection.

Reason #4

I recommend this compelling excerpt from an otherwise excellent video, available in full here:

At 3:07 in this clip, Sir John Walsh of Brannagh relates how a colleague, associated with the Davos clique, told him the central bankers are planning to depopulate, and that European peoples would be spared.

It sure looks like they bought this hook, line, and sinker. 😄