These two seminal videos are a must-see for anyone wishing to understand our position in the world.

These are lectures by a senior Russian intelligence official, apparently in 2001. It seems the audience were intelligence recruits. This suggests the content was not only one officer's pet theories, but the KGB's understanding which they wanted their future members to have. The second video implies this knowledge guided Putin and shaped interactions between Russia and the West, putting the two increasingly at odds.

The videos are a significant time investment, 2 hours and 1 hour. I strongly recommend this investment. One simple reason is that you did not think it was a bad idea to spend hundreds of hours learning biased views of history in school. :) But the indoctrination we receive frames the way we look at life, and guides decisions.

World governance through indoctrination is a main point of these lectures – among the other means.

KGB briefing, 2001: Methods used by the Cabal to block people from world understanding

The above video has an esoteric focus, but is important to fully understand the second one.

The second video is another lecture by the same speaker. It is shorter, more congested, structured and concise. It has a stronger economic focus, summarizes points from the first video and adds other details:

KGB lecture: How the Cabal operates for thousands of years