You may think you live in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, or a cute little country like Slovenia.

This is not the case. Almost all of us actually live in Rothschildland.

This is not a new development from the last year or 20 years. This has been the case for our entire lives. In the countries of the West; as well as former communist countries, which now reoriented toward the EU; almost no-one is alive who wasn't born into Rothschildland. Even the Soviet Union was under this influence.

The US became firmly part of Rothschildland in 1913, with the founding of the Federal Reserve – which is privately owned – and the introduction of the income tax. Most of the income tax we pay does not benefit us. It instead empowers the super-rich to maintain and increase their control. It is a soft slavery system.

Myron Fagan explains this history in detail. Long, but very much worth a listen.

The super-rich are not Gates, Musk, and other billionaires in Forbes. These are front-men. The real power is with people who do not appear in Forbes, because they control Forbes. Stock markets are used to obfuscate ownership; they create the impression that control of the economy is diffused, not centralized.

The super-rich control most large corporations and media outlets. They control the Western central banks. Money is worth very little to them, because they can create it. And they've been creating a lot.

Because they can create money, they can bribe. Because they can bribe, they can extort. Since this project started at least a century ago – by this point, they outright control all Western governments. The countries are controlled foremost through people in the intelligence agencies. The intelligence agencies are closely allied with the media. All Western media are thus outlets for the intelligence community, and act as mouthpieces for our super-rich. You will recognize a media outlet is independent if military projects like Facebook remove links to it, fact-checkers try to discredit it, and government agencies try to destroy it.

The country in which you think you live exists to the extent that people believe it exists, so they try to create it with their daily decisions. But the actions of good people, who want to build honest and functioning systems, are opposed by actions of entire governments bought, bribed and extorted by the super-rich.

There is almost no politician who is not an actor. These people are allowed to play their roles as long as they go along with the agenda. The agenda is decidedly not determined in Parliament or Congress. The agenda is implemented on behalf of the politicians by their staff. The politicians are asked to vote and speak accordingly, and act out roles which serve to propagate an illusion of democracy to the masses.

Politicians who don't go along are completely discredited in the media. They suffer the fate of Eric Zemmour, Marie Le Pen, or Donald Trump. You too thought he was bad, didn't you? Maybe you even voted for Biden because the media convinced you Trump was crazy, authoritarian, extremist, "a threat to our democracy."

Trump is in fact "a threat to our democracy" if you understand this "democracy" is a performance. He was a threat because, for those who had the eyes to see, he broke the illusion of the show. They call him "populist" because he attempts to represent the people. The media of Rothschildland convinces you that this is a bad thing. You don't have to be a genius to see that when they elevate the "experts" and "science", they are actually elevating mouthpieces of the super-rich, and the goal is not science but to realize an agenda. This agenda is not from today or last year, but has been developed for over a century.

You might be tempted: if the super-rich are so smart, so cunning, maybe we should just trust their judgment? If they control the Western world behind the scenes, what do we actually know that would let us make good decisions? Let's just let them dictate to us overtly, which is what they are trying to do, and we call it quits.

This would be unwise because these people do not consider your interests, and will not treat you as an equal. In their minds, you are one of the "little people." They think of "little people" like you or I think of pets.

People were useful to them as long as their work was needed. But now, China is building a dam almost entirely using automation. In the words of Yuval Noah Harari, people are now "useless"; "worthless"; "meaningless". When he says this, he speaks to personalities such as Anderson Cooper. Cooper is a Vanderbilt with CIA experience, and very much a part of the elite. Harari speaks to audiences such as the World Economic Forum, which means he's not expressing an opinion: he is serving as a mouthpiece.

The WEF is not where decisions are made. Decisions are made by bodies such as the Bilderberg group. The WEF is a public front. It is a training camp for top-ranking agents, installed as ministers and presidents in our countries. Their job is not to decide, but to listen. They are to implement the agendas of the elite.

The Pope is also a servant of the elite. His job is to transform the Catholic Church, and lead its followers in compliance with the New World Order.

An essential aspect of this compliance is that you accept their mandatory vaccines. You should consider this highly suspect because the case for their effectiveness is super-weak. The case for the danger of Covid is now non-existent. Evidence is irrefutable that the vaccines are harmful; that early treatments work and are being fraudulently suppressed; and that Covid is an engineered pandemic and an artificial disease.

It should worry you that this pandemic was created as a pretext to mandate mRNA vaccines no-one needs. This is worrying because the elite not only think of people as pets; but pets of which too many exist. Billions are now seen as "useless", "worthless" and "meaningless" due to advancing automation and machines.

You should understand that you don't live in a Galactic Republic – some ideal land that upholds ideas of liberty, prosperity and peace. We instead live in a Sith Empire which has been masquerading as a Galactic Republic. This Empire is now dropping pretenses and is going overt, and it will become overt if we let it.

A crucial requirement of the Sith Empire is that you accept the vaccines. These vaccines are going to weaken immune systems, so that most people die in the following years due to cancers, clots, heart attacks, strokes, and a variety of conditions that will be denied having any relationship to the vaccines.

For those who survive, an ensuing requirement will be to carry a new 5G smartphone. You can't remove the batteries from this smartphone. Its tracking features work even when it appears off. This is marketed as a feature, so you can "find your phone" if it is stolen or lost, even if a thief turns it off. This smartphone actually tracks you. It interacts with technology being built up inside you, as you are given doses of vaccines.

Those who control this technology – Apple and Google, and the military for which they are fronts – will be able to not only track you; but tamper with your moods, and if you refuse to comply, induce an epileptic shock, or just turn you off at will. Discarding the phone will not help: once the vaccine is inside you, it will communicate with any device using the new mesh networks, including Bluetooth Low Energy. If you're marked for termination, the encrypted command can come from your refrigerator, a neighbor's TV, someone else's smart watch – or even a low-orbit satellite, such as those in Elon Musk's Starlink.

These are national security issues, you see. And the national security threat, it is you. The security that matters is of the owners of Rothschildland. You are a threat if you misbehave, fail to comply, or misspeak.

Now that you understand this, you should see China and Russia in a different light. These are countries that are also infiltrated by the Western elite, because bribery and extortion are able to go far and deep. But these two powers are not completely taken over. Neither are many African countries, India, or Brazil. Because they are not controlled, they are national security risks. This means they're a threat to one-world government. The way to deal with this threat is to do anything – whatever it takes – to change these countries' regimes.

You should now understand in greater nuance the situation in Taiwan – and most importantly, the provocations of the West in Ukraine. Ukraine is not a beacon of liberty and freedom. It is a corrupt, violent and murderous regime which does not answer to Ukrainian people, but to puppet-masters in the West.

Zelensky is a monstrosity; he is a media creation like George Floyd. He is a criminal portrayed to be saint. He is Jewish in a country where less than 1% are Jews. He does not identify with the Ukrainian people, and does not pursue their interests. His regime banned most political parties, closed all non-controlled media and killed dozens of journalists. The country was taken over in 2014 and is now run by a powerful group of Nazis who were created and financed by the West. They slaughtered over 13,000 Russian-speaking people over 8 years. They receive weapons from the West to wage war on Putin, disregarding the cost to Ukraine.

The goals of the war are to try and topple Putin, because he is refusing to comply with Rothschildland; and to use "righteous sanctions" as a pretext, to intentionally wreck the economies of the West. The West must be destroyed, because its people are scheduled to die anyway. The vaccines will start to show long-term effects, and survivors will look for who is responsible unless they are forced to look for food, instead.

US Labor Department disability statistics:
3 million increase in the number of disabled people since January 2021

So you see, your worst fantasies are true. You live in a Sith Empire. You live in Rothschildland.

We can build liberal republics. We can build what we thought we had, what we aspired to have, but never actually had. If Rothschildland topples, what we build can be much better, happier and healthier instead.

If we want to build liberal republics, we must each embody the principles on which they stand. We must let go of fear, because fear destroys liberty. We must stand for free speech – not just for state-approved corporations, but so that anyone may speak. We must stand for honesty, integrity, and against corruption.

All we need is that everyone embodies these values in everyday lives. If even a single person stands up for what's right, this makes it so much easier for others to stand up. Once we stand up, the scheme collapses.

All you need to so is stand up. Stand up, and come to see a better world, waiting beyond Rothschildland.