In the next year or two, Rothschildland is going to collapse. It will fall apart as it becomes painfully apparent that the super-rich elite have not only rigged politics and lied to whole countries for decades; but that they poisoned people with mandatory injections and rigged the collapses of economies, energy and food.

The same thing is happening in the US. But the US has a healthy conservative movement to fall back on. Not the RINOs, but America First. The US has a sound Constitution, it only needs people to respect it.

In Europe, there's nothing like that. Europe is the heart of Rothschildland. It is soaked through with centuries of political, cultural, and economic scheming by the super-rich elite. When Rothschildland collapses, it's not just that the EU will fail. European countries also have nothing to hold them together, and will fall apart.

Europe will fall into political and economic chaos, just like the super-rich intended and engineered. They planned this because, after a period of turmoil, they intended to swoop in and offer their World Government.

But they will not be around to see this through. The US will not be around either, as it will be busy with itself. The people will call out for help. Their call will be answered, reluctantly, by the one force that can offer it.

Russian armed forces will move southwest. They will restore what will then be a group of failed EU states.

As Russian forces enter the cities, many exasperated, destitute Europeans will cry tears of joy.

On May 9 this year, Russia celebrated Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War (World War II). In front of the main cathedral of Russian Armed Forces, the Consolidated Orthodox Choir sang Katyusha.

Listen to the voices of those who care about humanity. These are people who might, in the end, save you: