In a comment under my previous post, I noted:

I usually don't bother pointing people to information any more - those who wanted it, found it, and those who didn't, don't want it.

But I did not explain how to keep yourself informed.

Step 1: Completely ignore all corporate media

All corporate media serve the regime. All of them must be completely ignored. If you pay attention to the media, it needs to be only to notice what lies they are peddling, and what narratives they promote.

This goes indiscriminately for almost all corporate media. It goes obviously for CNN and MSNBC, but it definitely also applies to Fox and Newsmax, which appear to be dissenting, but are not.

What appear to be dissenting media are pied pipers. On the election evening in November 2020, Fox was the first to call Arizona for Biden, at a time when there was no reason to do so, except if they knew fraud was going to occur. Fox and Newsmax shill for the deadly vaccines. Fox has even openly propagandized medical damage to prepubescent children, ages 5-9, by coercing them onto the transgender railroad.

These are extremely damaging institutions. You must not believe anything they say.

Chief of these are:

  • New York Times (controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim)
  • Washington Post (controlled by US establishment billionaire Jeff Bezos)
  • The New Yorker (controlled by US establishment billionaire Donald Newhouse)
  • The Economist (controlled by Lord Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife)
  • The Atlantic (controlled by Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs's widow)

Fox is controlled by establishment billionaire Rupert Murdoch, and Newsmax is controlled by other establishment stooges. Thousands of formerly local outlets were bought out by the likes of Sinclair.

Trust none of these in the narratives they promote. Pay attention to things they don't even speak of.

Step 2: The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times has relatively tame reporting, but it's opposed to China-style tyranny (which our elites are imposing on us) because it's controlled by the long-oppressed Falun Gong. They don't break the most cutting-edge stories, but they report critically, and they report on things the corporate media don't.

Step 3: Substack authors

Substack currently acts as a free speech bastion where you can find posts by numerous writers, experts and journalists who were deplatformed by Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn).

Find yourself some good Substack authors, but avoid those that smell like regime stooges. For example, avoid The Dispatch (a definite pro-establishment intelligence community outpost). Be skeptical of Alex Berenson (a prominent critic of Covid vaccines, but he goes out of his way to discredit ideas that are worth taking seriously, and tries to keep you from doubting important establishment narratives).

This is my public profile on Substack:

You can see everything I subscribe to. Most of these are authors I recommend.

These authors publish daily or occasional news compilations which are useful for staying informed:

A bunch of others I subscribe to write insightful original posts:

Step 4: Independent sites

Children's Health Defense is Robert F. Kennedy Jr's outpost which exposed vaccines before the rest of us understood. I absolutely recommend his book, The Real Anthony Fauci. You cannot understand what's really going on if you're not familiar with this book and its exhaustive research.

OffGuardian is a reliable, high-quality non-establishment source. So is the RAIR Foundation.

Step 5: Telegram

Excellent Telegram channels:

Step 6: Social media

The Reddit-clone can be rough, but it's the most clear-thinking place for US political news.

If you liked the concept of Reddit, is an alternative run by

If you liked the concept of Twitter, enjoy free speech alternatives Gab and Truth Social.

Gettr and Parler also appear in this space, but are establishment affiliates.

Step 7: Stay on your toes

We are in an information war. In war, the landscape keeps changing.

It seems the establishment is losing steam. It is developing larger and larger cracks, and is headed toward losing grip and sinking like the Titanic. However, they still have important moves they can play. Pay attention to what they do and always be ready to find information in some new place, wherever it pops up.