For over a year, I've corresponded with family and friends about the coming (and ongoing) culling.

Some did not need convincing. They clearly saw the writing on the wall.

Some could see the ominous connections when I pointed them out.

Many cannot be convinced. These are the sins of the many, as I observe them.

Sunk-cost fallacy

I learned a key lesson from a book by great culprit George Soros. At least, it's from the ghostwriter he hired. Since I read this 20 years ago, I do not remember the name of the book, or the words. But the lesson goes:

If you want to be a successful investor, you need to be able and willing to turn 180 degrees on your heel, and head the other direction at any time. If you learn new information which opposes what you previously knew and acted on, and the new information checks out, you better be willing to act on it at a moment's notice. This means selling what you just bought, even if at a loss. Wishful thinking is not going to save your investment if the information on which you invested changed, or was false to begin with.

I've since realized Soros is not rich because he's a successful investor. He's a successful investor because he's willing to play the role of the philanthropath. Like Gates, and likely Musk, he is a front man for the globalist Cabal. He acts as a public figure to fund extremely questionable projects, while his truly rich employers conceal themselves outside the public's eye. His main value is that he is a psychopath without a conscience, and the best way to hide you're a psychopath is to pretend you love humanity very much.

But his singular lesson, to avoid the sunk-cost fallacy, is profoundly true. The rationalists have not learned it, even after decades frequenting websites like Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong. They wrote millions of words enumerating biases and how to avoid them, only to fall for the most pedestrian of them.

They cannot walk away from a community where they established reputations and social ties, after it turns out the community is in the grip of self-deception. They cannot walk away from an established narrative, even after new information arises which has proven this narrative fundamentally wrong.

Because they invested so much, they would rather wait for reality to smack them in the face; to incur a total loss from being wrong; than cut their losses, turn on their heel, and run the way that could save them.

They are poisoning themselves and their children with vaccines; they write propaganda to discredit HCQ and ivermectin; because they think they built up something valuable and they do not want to let it go.

Highly educated people can't accept that the beliefs they've held for decades, assumptions they championed and fought for, are wrong. Ironically, the information they accumulated would be useful, and would not be a sunk cost at all, if only they were willing to reorient themselves and discard the wrong assumptions.

They have an almost-completed puzzle, which only needs a few more steps to finish. But they won't do that – because the first step is to turn the puzzle around. It requires risking social ties and letting go of the ego.

A plumber does not have this problem. He did not invest into any specific idea of the world. If he comes across new information, he can integrate it, because he did not care about the previous information, either.


A plumber derives his pride from his family and plumbing. A highly educated person, however, derives their pride from knowing more than most, and being cited and respected by others who are similarly aloof.

These people can't keep their pride and radically change their minds, because this would imply they were wrong. Not only that, but they were wrong badly, for decades. If the plumber was wrong about the world, all of his plumbing still stands – but the intellectual's writings have to be seen in a whole new perspective.


Many of the educated don't even know more than most, but are mediocre minds playing the academic game of pretense. The impostor syndrome is so common because most of them are impostors. The way they get over their self-conscience is when they realize most of their peers are impostors as well.

These people can't go against the narrative because they have no substance except going to conferences and trading citations with others like them. If they are not being led, they do not know where to go.


Some people just live their lives in an entirely self-centered way, and don't want to hear anything that would prevent that. They want to travel, dine, go to concerts, or party, and will take the shortest route that allows that. If this means a vaccine, so be it. It's just a prick, and they won't hear that it is, or was, anything more.


Propaganda raises us in the belief in a universe made of matter. Consciousness arises out of that, as some kind of mysterious epiphenomenon. This leads to the "hard problem of consciousness," which cannot be answered because it takes a miracle. 0 plus 0 is not 1. We cannot have awareness made of dead particles.

The true explanation is spiritual – which does not mean Christianity is true, or Buddhism, or Islam. However, any spiritual belief is better than the belief in dead matter.

When you believe in dead matter, you think you are a fragile, inconsequential blob in a chaotic universe that cares nothing about you. The universe will throw thousands of dangers your way to kill you. You do not trust your body, you think it is weak and vulnerable and plotting to betray you with disease. You think you need to be saved from these dangers, and luckily, science is here to help! Science will inject you with miracle juice that will defeat the germs. (Germ theory is false, for the most part.) Science will save you from cancer. (Cancers are caused by weaponized science and destructive beliefs.) Science will make you immortal by uploading your consciousness into the cloud. (It will kill everything valuable about you as a human.)

These are dangerous deceits that deprive you of what's yours by birthright. The universe in fact revolves around you. It revolves around every living creature. It is 100% cooperative, in the same way that a game is cooperative. A game revolves around the players, even if the players compete with each other in the game.

Most importantly: death is not the end of existence, and is nothing of which to be afraid. After people die, we cannot reach them, but they still exist, in the same way a player exists even when he stops playing a game.

The way forward

Because of the way I see death, I do not mourn the people who are and who will be passing. This time comes for everyone, and I don't think anyone dies before it. This does not mean the time is set in stone, but it's a decision that everyone makes for themselves, even if the death appeared sudden and unexpected. The decision is made at a level beyond the ego, but it's a decision that's made by the person themselves.

The ongoing culling would not be possible if the people being culled did not fall for the many deceits. The departure of those who are prone to deceit will rebalance humanity and usher in an entirely new existence. It will not be the anti-human total surveillance and central control of the New World Order. It will be like a breath of fresh air: local communities embracing life and freedom. It will be as pro-human as we allow it.

All problems are psychological problems. The people who are prone to the worst problems will be departing. I thank them for this kindness and wish them a great experience on the other side. We will join one day.

Hope for the vaxxed

2nd Smartest Guy made a grim post about the Alzheimer's-disease-inducing properties of the spike protein in the vaccines. My comment to a parent who worries because they already had two doses of mRNA:

The world is profoundly spiritual, and the universe is on your side. It is on the side of anyone who is willing to be flexible and change direction when they realize they were misled.

There are a myriad of solutions that could arise. The simplest is if you simply won the lottery and received a placebo. Do not downplay the possibility of that. :)

If not, new treatments will come up. Effective healing has been suppressed for decades, to make it seem like they're trying their best, but health is "so difficult" to come by. In truth, the human body is naturally healthy and resilient. They had to resort to extreme psychological and biological measures to reduce our health as much as they have done.

It will turn out that healing is deceptively simple when we actually want to heal, not harm. Hang in there. It's not done. :)