I've been arguing with some doctors on Substack. Here's one reply I made. 🙂

"[Dr. X] - it is fascinating how you imply you speak from a position of informed, expert nuance, when you actually speak from a position of indoctrinated comfort.

Substacks like this one try to assert that they are "sensible", or that they speak for "common sense" (with Bari Weiss). They adopt the most milquetoast positions - such as that, perhaps, children do not need experimental injections in order to save them from nothing, especially after 45 child deaths have been reported in VAERS:


These 45 deaths are hard evidence. There's also softer but worse evidence, such as a casket salesman reporting that their sales of child-size coffins increased by 500% in 7 months.

Opposing these vaccines for children is an easy case to argue. Most people don't support them. Even most parents who vaccinated themselves won't vaccinate their kids.

But to adopt this most timid of "sensible" positions only scratches the surface of what is wrong. The senseless campaign to inject children with something that will harm them, that won't help anyone, and which they definitely don't need, is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

If you are able to face the iceberg, you will find this requires reversing your entire worldview. Once you do that, you will find we're at war, and the injections are the tip of the spear.

Once you see that, you will realize there IS no common sense. Almost no one has any. What passes for "common sense" is common hallucination. The people who want to be "sensible" want to maintain the hallucination, while tackling one or two aspects that stick out the most. They hope to do so while preserving their career, and making it to their imagined retirement.

The truth is way more serious than that they're just killing children. The longer it takes people to figure this out by listening and reading words, the harder the events will hit them."