I recently read eulogies such as this one from EFF, singing praises to Peter Eckersley. Peter, aged 43, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, went into a downward spiral and "died suddenly" in 24 hours.

This man was a piece of shit. And yet he seemed to be, and people eulogize him as, a wonderful being:

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful person! How much good this gentle, kind man did! Yes, he did this:

I'll spare you the rest of his learned intellectual essay, save for his final (terminal?) recommendations:

"[UPDATE2: if you have kids and are worried about their risk during this wave, there are clinical trials for vaccines running in the Bay Area at the moment (link) ]

5. If you're unvaccinated, get a shot now. But there may not be enough time for it to kick in given how much covid will be around next week. Get vaccinated, but take cover from this wave anyway."

No matter what else he did – even if he was saving puppies from a fire – there is no excuse for this.

This man suggested parents enroll children into questionable medical trials, which can and do result in injury and death – to protect from a hyped virus which was not, and is not, a risk to children.

Fuck you, Peter Eckersley. Fuck you most sincerely. It is a boon that you are dead. Thank you for it.

There will be lots more deaths like this. We need these deaths. They are all highly deserving. These are people who tried to solve problems which do not exist, directly causing deaths and injuries to millions.

Fuck these people. Our best hope is that most of them leave as soon as possible, much like Mr. Eckersley. His death is typical of surprise aggressive cancers in unusually young people, after the Covid vaccines.