This article is technical, and Walter Chesnut doesn't usually directly say what he means. The reader must understand the article, and infer it.


COVID-19 ARDS mimics Paraquat Poisoning due to the Spike Protein’s interaction with the capillary endothelium

What I'm inferring is:

mRNA Covid vaccine
⇒ chronic production of circulating spike protein
⇒ damage to lung tissues
⇒ Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
⇒ positive for "Covid" – PCR detects spike protein emanating through damaged lungs
⇒ death from vaccine that looks like pneumonia caused by infectious Covid

At no point is any viral infection necessary in this process.

All over the world, authorities have counted Covid cases as "unvaccinated" if they occurred fewer than 14 or 21 days post-vaccine. The person got vaccinated "too late." They were not "protected" yet.

In reality, the circulating spike protein may have damaged the lungs, permeated lung tissue, got exhaled, and created a non-infectious case of "Covid." This could lead to anything including death.

In country after country, a Covid case epidemic directly followed vaccination.

In memory of our neighbor, Hollis

This could have been how our neighbor died. He was 62.

His name was Hollis Weeks. He lived with his wife on our side of the street, two houses north of ours.

The first time Jana and I suspected Hollis will have a short life expectancy was on a gorgeous sunny day in August 2021. We talked to him casually on the sidewalk. He told us he's going on a trip to Europe! We immediately thought to ourselves – holy bejeezus, he must have gotten all the vaccines if he thinks Covid is over and now is a great time to go. It was inconvenient to travel without a Covid vaccine at that time. Other neighbors, who knew him better, confirmed he was a champion of the jabs.

He was also a staunch Democrat. By January 2022, 90% of Democrats were twice-vaccinated, and 62% of them boosted. Those over 60 in even higher proportions. This suggests – now is a time to soak in this rare opportunity to still appreciate Democrats. They may soon be critically endangered!

So Hollis went to Europe. We talked to him briefly after he returned. He'd had a great time. He saw Budapest and other cities on the Danube. He looked vigorous and was excited about going to Europe the next year again! We wondered to ourselves if he will.

As recently as May 2022, he knocked on our door, looking sprightly and energetic. He was campaigning for a seat on our HOA board. There were two seats available. We voted for him, but he lost.

He ran for the HOA board around the same time as he became the talk of the neighborhood for his transgressions. He had built structures on common property which were not his to build. The structures violated HOA rules and the city code. In his defense, the structures seemed to make sense, the area is difficult to access, and is semi-private. But it's funny how Democrats' minds work. They swear they're all about community. Then they turn around, and act like the community's rules are there to be broken?

In any case – it's just as well he lost his bid for the HOA board. We would have had to repeat the election! No later than June, he was traveling in Spain, caught some kind of viral pneumonia, was hospitalized in Seville, and died there a couple weeks later. Treated according to hospital protocols, I am sure. Our vaccinated neighbors (for now still living) are swearing up and down he must have got the virus on a bus. It must have been those people without masks. Or maybe some damn unvaccinated tourists!

Walter Chesnut's article suggests how Hollis may have actually died. It's not unlikely he got another booster for the trip. To be safe in Europe! Then the vaccine proceeded to mow him down, while resembling Covid.

"Covid cases" in the vaccinated

It's now typical to hear about the vaccinated getting sick and testing positive for Covid, while their unvaccinated colleagues are healthy. Example anecdote, received from an acquaintance today:

An older couple just told us they tested positive for Covid. The dinner party they went to turned out to be a super-spreader event. I know this is all BS, but I can't figure out exactly what is happening. It must be from their shots.

It seems that any challenge to immune systems weakened by the vaccines allows the already circulating spike protein to do more damage to the lung tissues. The spike protein crosses the lung barrier, gets exhaled and the person tests positive for "Covid." So any stress may also lead to a positive Covid test.

Vaccinated immune systems can't handle any challenge without coming down with "Covid" from the inside. Eventually many of them will die in a way that looks like Covid. They will have "Covid pneumonia" that will actually be caused by the spike protein made inside their own bodies. Because PCR tests detect the spike protein, the tests will be positive and the deaths can be blamed on a virus that was not actually there.

This is a clever design where these "Covid deaths" can then be used to push more vaccination. This is in addition to the clots, strokes, heart attacks, neurological damage, autoimmune disorders and cancers.

The coming winter "Covid" wave

We keep hearing warnings about how Covid is not over yet; how we should brace this winter for another big, bad Covid wave. The "authorities" have no reason to prognosticate that, unless they know something.

What's going to happen this winter is that most people in Europe, and possibly the US, are going to face energy and food shortages. This will be because of the engineered war in Ukraine. The purpose of the war is not to achieve anything in Ukraine: it's to serve as an excuse for these energy and food shortages.

Vaccinated people are going to be cold and hungry, and this is going to stress their immune systems. The spike protein already circulating in their bodies is going to damage their lungs, and they're going to come down with "Covid." The resulting wave of deaths may become larger than anything we've seen yet.