You may have noticed the same politicians and corporate media who decried Trump in 2016, that he would start a nuclear war – are now trying to start a nuclear war. They are egging you on to embrace it!

What's a nuclear bomb here and there, if that's what it takes to defend our freedom and democracy? To stop Russia and Putin? Evil must be stopped at any cost!

During Trump, we had: peace, prosperity, US energy independence, no new wars.

Two years later, we have: out-of-control inflation, EU energy shortages leading to economic collapse, incoming worldwide food shortages, warmongers calling for nuclear bombs.

These plans had been laid for decades. They needed Trump out of the way to pull it off.

In the same way, they need to remove Bolsonaro in Brazil to replace him with corrupt Lula. Lula will be the tombstone of Brazil if "elected."

Why nuclear bombs? Because an unprecedented emergency is needed to suspend civil liberties and control the outcome when they trigger the Covid-19 injection payload.

Rumors are, this is the payload:

Todd Callender, April 2022:

And we know the mechanism by which this will be released. And that is, inside of these shots that people already received, inside the lipid nanoparticles, the hydrogel, there exist pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric, they include E. coli, Marburg, Ebola, staphylococcus and brewer's yeast, amongst others. We know that, upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now employed across the United States – the world, for that matter – when they broadcast an 18 GHz signal for one minute, three different times, as a pulse, it will cause these lipid nanoparticles to swell and release this pathogenic content, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic.

The whole thing is probably sketched out like this:

  • Use 5G to trigger some injection payloads, maybe some place like New York City.

  • Media reports of hemorrhagic fevers, people bleeding from their eyes. It's a deadly virus!

  • Trigger 10x more injection payloads in the same neighborhood, start in other neighborhoods.

  • More media coverage, emergency declarations, special powers begin to be used.

  • Trigger injection payloads in whole cities around the initial neighborhoods.

  • Emergency declarations everywhere in the US. Beginning of total lockdowns.

  • Trigger injection payloads everywhere. "This virus is spreading so fast!"

  • Martial law. FEMA takes control of cities and states. Constitution is gone.

  • Run down the list of activists and dissenters. Declare them "close contacts." Escort them at gunpoint to "quarantine camps" – already built and ready for years. Only some of those taken survive.

Them be the most likely plans. Are you going to cooperate? 🤷‍♂️

If you're injected, you already offered your life for the "greater good." Is this everything you imagined?