A Midwestern Doctor wrote a good and balanced take on the recent viral documentary, Died Suddenly.

My impression of the film is that I liked it a lot, but had misgivings. AMD summarizes the misgivings. I agree with the analysis. The flaws in the film are unfortunate, but most of it is excellent and stands on its own.

AMD proposes a hypothesis how the white fibrous clots, which the film shows vividly, may form. The clots are common and real. My take on AMD's spike protein hypothesis is that it's plausible. It's attractive for those who are ready to see that the vaccines are harmful, but don't want to think about nanotechnology.

This whole event makes a lot more sense if you consider nanotechnology. The clots may well be nanotech trying to build a communication and control network in the body, and going haywire. But, who knows?