Yesterday, Donald Trump posted a powerful message on Truth Social:

I endorse every word he says:

This is basically a last-ditch effort to save the US and the world.

Many doubt that this can even work. After the egregious election theft in 2020 and 2022; after the frustrated efforts to redress this; there seems to be no reason to believe that 2024 won't be stolen just the same.

It is questionable that we can even get to January 2025 without the CIA finding some way to jump-start a nuclear World War III. Perhaps there are good people in place who can prevent this. Perhaps.

Either way, the situation is extremely dire, and this is probably the last path where the world survives. I will be amazed if this path is even still available, and works.

People who still don't understand this are basically dangerous morons, and we are better off if they succumb to the vaccines they took.