If you are on the internet at all, you've seen a meme about two wolves:

I propose that in every person, there is a friendly competition between two doges.

One is smart. The other is dumb:

Most people only ever feed the slow doge.

How do you feed the slow doge? You wake up in the morning, and say:

"Today, I'm only going to believe things that are stupid!"

We do this day after day, and the smart doge is neglected. He leaves to find better prospects elsewhere. People are left with only the slow doge.

After a few decades, all they can believe are absurdities. They lose the ability to believe sensible things.

Case in point:

Everything on this "seder plate" is evil, masquerading as good.

If it was good, they wouldn't have to advocate it. Most people spontaneously embrace good. It's evil that needs help and persuasion.

Let's break it down:

  1. Preserve Our Democracy and Protect Voting Rights: "our democracy" is code for top-down rule by a security state where elections mean nothing. The victory of approved candidates is assured in advance, usually before you even get to vote – all the prominent candidates are sold out. When someone gets on the ballot who's not sold out, he is ignored and pushed aside (Ron Paul). If he has popular support, he is portrayed as a demon (Trump, Orban, Bolsonaro). If he is going to win anyway, then they just steal the election (Biden, Hobbs). It doesn't matter how blatant this is, because most people only ever feed the slow doge. They believe the news, which say the "good guy" legit won.

  2. Support for the U.S.-Israel Relationship: There is literally nothing that benefits the US in this relationship. The reason for this relationship is that the central bankers, who control the West, are using Jews as a meat shield. They appoint them to obvious, public-facing positions, so that when the intended disastrous outcomes occur, people might point their finger at the Jews, not noticing central bankers who appointed them all along. The Jews need Israel to escape when this happens.

  3. Protect the Environment: This is to build a system of total control. CO2 does not cause climate change. The planet's temperature is not even rising. This is a secular version of Catholic original sin. For millennia, the Catholic Church controlled societies by convincing people that they're guilty for being born. This is the atheist version, where you are guilty because you exhale CO2. You must agree to an extreme control system that will prevent dangerous breathing, "if needed."

  4. Welcoming the Stranger: This is schizophrenic propaganda where they openly tell you they are replacing you with foreigners who are easier to manage, but they accuse you of being a "conspiracy theorist" and an "extremist" if you have second thoughts. Embrace your replacement, bigot!

  5. Stand with Ukraine: Western intelligence agencies built anti-Russian nationalism in Ukraine over decades. This culminated in 2014 with an undemocratic, anti-Russian coup. Millions of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine resisted. Kiev, controlled by the CIA, started a campaign of legislative and paramilitary attacks. They were shelling ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, killing 13,000 before Russia ever made a move. This is a designer war, 100% created and prolonged by the West. The purpose is to exhaust Russia and destabilize Putin. Ukrainians are being sacrificed like pawns. If you "stand with Ukraine," it's the same as wanting innocent Ukrainians to die, and Europe to collapse.

  6. LGBTQI+ Rights: This is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and the + is for everything else. Especially pedophiles. The purpose is to normalize that CHILDREN can consent to life-destroying drugs and surgery when they are 5 or 6. Perhaps when they're infants. Once you accept that children can consent to this, you will agree they can also consent to sex with adults. This solves the Epstein problem, where Jeffrey Epstein is dead, Ghislaine Maxwell is serving time with margaritas at Club Fed, but none of their clients are named or prosecuted. The clients are half the people who are famous. By the time you find out who they are, you're going to think they did nothing wrong. You'll offer them your own child to "love," and there's going to be a reality show about it!

  7. Access to Affordable Healthcare: This is to centralize healthcare. It's to eliminate independent doctors, some of whom might resist the system and actually help you. It dumbs doctors down into mechanics who execute centralized treatment plans. This limits your access and coerces you into treatments that pretend to help but make you worse. This starts with vaccines which actually cause allergies, cancers, chronic conditions and deaths. Centralization of medicine eliminates ideas about the individual's role in his or her healing, which you must adopt, if your interest is personal health. Next after centralizing medicine is banning access to vitamins, already underway in New Zealand.

  8. Abortion Rights: To someone like me who is not a Christian, abortion seems like a sacred right. Maybe it should be, despite objections. But the purpose of this, as a policy, is not to advance personal rights. It's to advance female careerism, which harms women, to advance sex without reproduction, and to discourage creation of families. It's to reduce our birth rate. This could be OK if our birth rates were above replacement, which is 2.1 births per woman. But our birth rates are way below that, in some countries below 1. This is to help reduce birth rates to zero, so that you can be replaced.

  9. Gun Safety Reforms: This is 100% about enabling tyranny. Where firearms ownership is restricted, governments can harm people more and faster. Their argument is that "no one needs assault weapons." But against governments that kill, assault weapons are the least of what we need.

  10. Equity, Equality, and Justice: This is to replace you in the workplace with people imported or schooled for this purpose, and make it illegal for you to complain. It's to promote to higher positions people who are less competent than you, whose best option for success is loyalty to the regime.

  11. Fair Labor Laws and Workers' Rights: This is to crush small business, which could offer you opportunity and choice; and make your only employment option a large corporation controlled by the same people who control central banks and governments. This forces you into a system of social control. Working for a small business, you're a valuable employee. Working for a system, you're a disposable cog. You better not voice any anti-regime opinions, or post any provocative memes.

  12. Combat Domestic Extremism, Racism, and Antisemitism: This is blatant tyranny and free speech restriction. "Antisemitism" is anything that points out the regime at work. "Extremism" is any expression of disagreement. "Racism" is any statement of fact that is inconvenient to the regime.

We already live in 1984 and Brave New World. These are not fictions. This is reality.

Most people only ever feed their slow doge.