The same woman who thinks Trump is bad, and cheers for his indictment, also thinks her injected husband died suddenly from "asymptomatic Covid." Her parents died in the past 8 months, too:

Your entire family was murdered by a US DoD injection, Candice.

The clots are not blood clots. They are rubbery, not made of blood, and different from natural clots. They grow until they clog the blood vessels. They were never previously seen by embalmers.

This woman is the embodiment of the slow doge. She will likely pass in the next few years, too.

In July 2021, a Slovenian senior nurse, a well-connected person with experience in intensive care, said 30% of the injections were placebos. The video is in Slovenian; she states this about 6 minutes in.

Tweets source: not_a_glowie_just_fo